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Primary contacts

Library general information 403.440.6140
Library Service Desk (circulation, media, reserves & research assistance) 403.440.6019
Archives and Special Collections 403.440.7046
Library instruction 403.440.6022
Library fax 403.440.6758
University Librarian (Interim) Meagan Bowler 403.440.6086
Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian Brianna Ball 403.440.6124
Associate University Librarian, Public Services Katharine Barrette 403.440.6126
Associate University Librarian, Collections and Digital Services (Interim) Francine May 403.440.6128
Administrative Assistant to the Associate University Librarians Erin Wainwright 403.440.5935
Chair Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
Administrative Assistant to the Chair Ann Kus 403.440.7203
Manager, Library Collections Dianne Keeping 403.440.6778
Manager, Library Information Systems Kanta Kapoor 403.440.6132
Manager, Public Services Beverly Van Horne 403.440.8526
Copyright Advisor Alana Gaulin 403.440.6618
Subject Area Subject Librarian Telephone
Anthropology Jessie Loyer 403.440.8699
Art History Peter Houston 403.440.5197
Aviation Geoff Owens 403.440.7737
Biology Chris Thomas 403.440.8501
Broadcasting Sara Sharun 403.440.6135
Business Geoff Owens 403.440.7737
Chemistry Chris Thomas 403.440.8501
Child & Youth Studies Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
Computer Science Chris Thomas 403.440.8501
Counselling Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
Conservatory Julie James 403.440.6099
Criminal Justice Studies Jordan Crate-Serhal 403.440.5019
Data Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
EAL (formerly ESL) Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
Economics Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Education Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
English Richard Hayman 403.440.8518
Environmental Science Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Geography/GIS Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Geology Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
General Education Cari Merkley 403.440.5068
Health & Physical Education Cari Merkley 403.440.5068
History Sara Sharun 403.440.6135
Information Design Richard Hayman 403.440.8518
Indigenous Studies Jessie Loyer 403.440.8699
Interior Design Peter Houston 403.440.5197
Journalism Sara Sharun 403.440.6135
Languages and Culture Chris Thomas 403.440.8501
Mathematics Chris Thomas 403.440.8501
Nursing & Midwifery Cari Merkley 403.440.5068
Philosophy Richard Hayman 403.440.8518
Physics Chris Thomas 403.440.8501
Policy Studies Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Political Science Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Psychology Erik Christiansen 403.440.5168
Public Relations Sara Sharun 403.440.6135
Religious Studies Richard Hayman 403.440.8518
Social Work Sara Sharun 403.440.6135
Sociology Jordan Crate-Serhal 403.440.5019
Speech Sara Sharun 403.440.6135
Women's and Gender Studies Katharine Barrette 403.440.6126


Liaison Area

Liaison Librarian Telephone
Academic Development Centre (ADC) Cari Merkley 403.440.5068
Archives & Special Collections Peter Houston 403.440.5197
Centre for Child Well Being Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
Centre for Community Disaster Research Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Holocaust Collection Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
Iniskim Centre Jessie Loyer 403.440.8699
Institute for Community Prosperity Geoff Owens 403.440.7737
Institute for Environmental Sustainability Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Geoff Owens 403.440.7737
Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Pearl Herscovitch 403.440.6022
Miistakis Institute Brian Jackson 403.440.5032
Office of Research Services & Community Engagement Richard Hayman 403.440.8518
Student Learning Services Chris Thomas 403.440.8501
Student Wellness Erik Christiansen 403.440.5168

Street Address

Mailing & Shipping Address

Mount Royal University Library
Riddell Library and Learning Centre, EL4423‚Äč
74 Mount Royal Circle SW,
Calgary, Alberta, T3E 7P7

Mount Royal University Library 
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW 
Calgary, AB T3E 6K6 

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