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Immersion Studio

What is the Immersion Studio?

Immersion Studio

The Immersion Studio (EL3345) takes experiential and immersive learning to a new level. This “grey box” room allows projection of images or information on all four walls of the room at the same time, creating a unique 360º experience for teaching, learning and research.

From immersive journalism experiences, to in-house field school adventures, to the exploration of historic architecture or the inside of a heart, this technology provides exciting opportunities for faculty and students to lean and understand, regardless of discipline or topic of study. Borrow a 360º camera to create your own images, work with your existing content, or seek assistance in finding just the right information for this venue. This “grey box” space can also be used for virtual reality experiences using our oculus rift equipment for loan through the Service Desk.

The Immersion Studios will be available for booking by faculty, students, staff, and the community.

Capacity -  15-20


The Immersion Studio is now open for booking!

Due to the nature of the technology in the Immersion Studio bookings require as much advance notice as is possible. Users will work in consultation with the MRU Library Visualization Team on developing the content for this space.


The room is equipped with a series of short-throw projectors which use specialized software to stitch images together into a continuous display for an immersive effect.  A specialized sound system augments this experience. The space can be used with or without the low moveable seating provided.


For questions about using the Immersion Studio and/or the resident technology please contact:

Anna Nuhn, Visualization Specialist or 403.440.7088


Matt Laidlow, Media Designer or 403.440. 7099