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Story Guidelines

  • Must be a News story (not entertainment, editorials, letter, sports, or on-going court trials)
  • Consider the 5W's:  Who, What, Where, When, Why
  • Story must have between 750 and 1000 words
  • Story must be less than one month old

  • Go to Padlet and give the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. Title of the article (you can copy and paste) 
    3. Word count of the article
    4. URL (weblink) to the article

Article Databases

Databases are where you can look for magazine, newspaper and journal articles.

When you access Canadian Newsstream from home, you will have to use your MYMRU username and password

  1. Click on Canadian Newsstream
  2. In the first box, type words about a news topic of interest
  3. In the second box, type the exact phrase: wc(>750 and <1000) This will tell the computer that you want a story with more than 750 words but less than 1000 words
  4. Limit to Full Text
  5. Select Last 30 days or Last 7 days
  6. Go to Source Type, select Newspapers
  7. Go to Document Type, select News
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