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Strategic Plan

GOAL 1 Enhance outreach to MRU’s diverse communities through strategic marketing and community-tailored programming.

  • Increase awareness of the resources our communities can access at the MRU Library. These resources include: services, collections, personnel, and virtual and physical tools and spaces.
  • Gather information to deepen understanding of our user communities and use it to inform resource development.
  • Provide a welcoming environment to all users through services, programming and spaces, with particular focus on Indigenous and other growing communities

GOAL 2 Evaluate and meet user needs through highly responsive and accessible services, adaptable spaces, and technological innovations.

  • Continually gather data from the Library, the University, and other pertinent communities to assess user needs, wish lists, and gaps, and use this evidence to inform decisions.
  • Develop an agile framework for measuring the impact and value of Library resources.
  • Educate and cross-educate staff to create a nimble Library team with user-focus as the primary driver.
  • Provide education and programming to enable users to make the most of all Library resources.

GOAL 3 Enhance collaboration within our team and with our building partners to provide innovative and improved experiences to our users.

  • Create forums to celebrate the contributions, shared values, and diversity of our staff and Library users.
  • Put in place defined communication channels to address innovations and gaps in resources.
  • Develop opportunities for students as collaborators in library initiatives and assessment.

GOAL 4 Increase the value and impact of the Library’s online presence as a critical teaching tool and a virtual destination of choice.

  • Ensure the Library’s website is a highly functional teaching and research tool for our users.
  • Ensure that our online presence provides beneficial, up-to-date information and resources to our users.
  • Ensure our online presence and electronic resources are compatible with our users’ expectations.
  • Make our virtual and physical spaces complementary, adding value to each.

GOAL 5 Promote the Library as a knowledge catalyst, generating ideas, fostering connections, and combining expertise and information to create knowledge.

  • Ensure collections and instruction programs support students in their undergraduate research endeavours.
  • Coordinate with other campus partners to develop workshops and resources to support undergraduate and faculty research.
  • Ensure our collections and tools adapt to the changing needs of our communities.
  • Use new Library spaces to enable new ways of conducting research and scholarship.