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Popular vs Scholarly Articles in Print

Popular vs Scholarly


  • Written by experts
  • Reviewed by other experts
  • Written for scholars and students
  • Reports original research


  • Written by journalists
  • Reviewed by an editor
  • Written for the general public
  • Reports news, practical information...


You can identify an academic article by:

  1. Author’s credentials
  2. Published in a journal
  3. Academic language
  4. Includes reference list
  5. More than 6 pages long


The CRAAP Test is a set of criteria that helps you evaluate whether or not a source you've found is a good source to use. CRAAP stands for:

  • Currency - how current or up-to-date is the information?
  • Relevancy - is the information on-topic for what you need?
  • Accuracy - is the information correct? Does it line up with other sources?
  • Authority - who wrote the information? Why should you trust them?
  • Purpose - what is source's purpose? Entertainment? Advertising? Informing?
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