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Copyright Information: Administrative copying

Administrative Copying

Under the MRU Fair Dealing Guidelines, MRU faculty and staff may copy and distribute a Short Excerpt if they purpose of the copying is directly tied to the education of students, subject to the safeguards discussed below.



Administrative copying that falls within MRU Fair Dealing Guidelines must comply with the following safeguards:

  1. Copies of the Short Excerpts are only provided to faculty members, administrative staff and students enrolled in the university who require the copies for hte educational purpose for which it was made.
  2. If a copy of a Short Excerpt is made available electronically on a server or other device, the server or other device must be secure (e.g. password protected) and the copy must be accessible only by the persons referred to in item 1 (note, email and posting to an LMS site dedicated to such administrative purposes, are permissible modes of distribution).



An example of administrative copying that would fall within the MRU Fair Dealing Guidelines is the making of a copy of a Short Excerpt and emailing copies to members of a faculty or department committee for use in developing a course of study, unit or program to be offered at MRU.

Examples of administrative copying that do NOT fall within the MRU Fair Dealing Guidelines include:

  • the making of a copy of the Short Excerpt for the purpose of training administrative staff; and
  • copying a Short Excerpt and providing the copies to members of the board of governors or to members of a faculty or department committee for governance or general administrative purposes relating to the operation of the university.

Note, the fair dealing exception may apply to these instances of copying, but a separate fair dealing analysis must be undertaken to ensure compliance with the Copyright Act.  If fair dealing is not available, compliance with the Copyright Act may be achieved by using one of MRUs electronic subscription licenses or obtaining permission from the copyright holder directly.  You may also wish to consider using public domain or other copyright-friendly resources.


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