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Application & evaluation criteria

Your submission must include the following:

Elements Points
Reflective Essay 20
Research Project 20
Bibliography 8
Instructor Support Letter 2
Total 50

Applications will be retained by the Mount Royal University Library and will generally not be returned. Posters will be available for pick-up in the Library administration office area.

If you are submitting your materials electronically, you may need to print off your completed forms, sign them, and then scan them so that the committee can ensure the required signatures are present.

Application forms and guidelines

Your award application form must provide:A selection of the 2019 award winners and committee members

  • The title of your project
  • The category you are entering
  • Contact information so we can reach you
  • An indication that you meet the eligibility requirements

It also serves as the permission form that allows Mount Royal University and the Library to use your scholarly project and application materials to promote the Award in subsequent years and include your picture in such promotion.

The instructor support form should link the student's work to the course and assignment objectives.

Your reflective essay provides a description and reflection upon your research process and the use of library tools and resources. It should describe the process and strategies you used to discover, evaluate, and integrate information in your work.

Your reflections should provide the committee with an insight into how your process and strategies developed, the challenges you faced, the choices you made, and what you learned about research and information along the way.

A final version of your research project including a complete bibliography with citation style appropriate to your discipline must be included with your submission. Your project should demonstrate how you used information sources to support your work. 

Eligible projects include: 

  • Essays/papers
  • Honours theses
  • Capstone projects
  • Film projects
  • Poster presentations
  • Digital stories
  • Web or technology-based projects
  • Creative works that demonstrate research skills and the effective use of information resources
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Tips for preparing your submission

  • Carefully review the Award Evaluation Criteria, so you have a clear idea of what the Award committee is looking for.
  • Keep track of your research as you go along – notes or a research journal will help you remember the work you’ve done in finding and evaluating information, and therefore make it easier to write your reflective essay.
  • If you need help with research, contact at the Library Service Desk, use the blue Ask Us chat button (located at the bottom right of the website) or make an appointment with the librarian specializing in your subject area.

Whether your course project resulted in a paper, poster or multimedia presentation, a bibliography is required. The committee needs to see the information sources you used. Remember to check that your references are formatted according to the style required by your instructor/assignment.