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If I am graduating this spring, can I still enter and win?
Yes. As long as you are still a full-time student in the Winter Semester, you will be eligible.

Is there some kind of certificate or award ceremony for the winners?
Yes. Winners are presented with a certificate by the Library Dean and there is a small celebration.<

Can I submit a group project?
Yes. You can submit a group project to the group award category. 

If I complete my coursework in December, am I still eligible for the award?

Can I submit my project to be considered for both categories?

If I am a 4th-year student, can I submit a project I completed for a 2000-level course.
Yes. The category is intended to reflect the scope, depth and work involved in creating the research project. If it was completed a 2000-level course, it is best entered as a Junior-level project. 

<If I have collaborated with a faculty member, as a co-author or co-researcher, can I submit this work?
No. The award is intended for research projects undertaken and completed by undergraduate students only.