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What should a scholarly, peer reviewed article look like?

Examples of Research Journals in Massage Therapy

Please note that not all of the content in these publications is peer reviewed. You can confirm this by visiting the journal's website, or by looking up the journal in a resource like Ulrichsweb.

Breaking Down your Research Question

Is massage therapy more effective than exercise therapy in reducing spasticity in adults with Multiple Sclerosis?

Before you start searching, it is helpful to us the PICO(T) or PS tool to help identify the key aspects of your question. Consider as well if there are any possible synonyms/related terms for each aspect of your question.

Population (P)

Adult with Multiple Sclerosis

Brainstormed search words: Multiple Sclerosis OR MS

Intervention/Exposure (I/E)

Massage therapy

Brainstormed search words: massage

Comparison (C)

Exercise Therapy

Outcome (O)

Reduced spasticity

Brainstormed search words: 

spasticity OR ?

What is PubMed?

PubMed is a freely available database of medical literature. It contains references from over 5000 journals from around the world.

PubMed contains all of the references listed in Medline, which libraries pay to access.

How do I use PubMed to find articles?

Search Using Keywords

You can search using keywords (This short video shows you how.)

Search Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

You can also search using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) (this video shows you how). MeSH are tags attached to articles to describe what they are about.

Please note: MeSH uses Massage, not Massage Therapy, to describe articles.

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar can be useful in generating ideas around search terms, but is not a complete replacement for a PubMed search when it comes to health research. It is unclear which journals are included in Google Scholar and how far back it goes.

Google Scholar is very useful in tracking down the full text of articles cited in other works. Search for the title of the article in the search box below, and if Mount Royal subscribes to the journal, a link to the full text will be provided. If full text is not available, you can request the article via Interlibrary Loan below.

Google Scholar Search

Other Useful Databases

APA Guides and Resources

The following APA resources will help you cite in-text, create a reference list, and format your paper.

Tips on Designing your Research Poster

Check out our Undergraduate Research Guide for advice on creating an effective research poster.

Where can I go for help with research and citation?

Visit the library's Service Desk for assistance from our experienced team members.

You can also use the library's chat reference service for quick questions on searching and citation.

To see the desk hours of operation and to access the chat service, please visit the library homepage.

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