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History 2241 - Britain in the 19th Century - Research Guide

History 2241 - Britain in the 19th Century - Research Guide

Today's Session will help you:

  • Narrow down and refine a manageable research topic
  • Identify multiple ways to find relevant books and articles
  • Apply some advanced search strategies in a History database to improve your search results
  • Know where to get help with Chicago style referencing

Planning a good search strategy

  • Avoid long strings of words and/or sentence fragments when you search
    • Good search: "child labour" England "19th century"
    • Poor search: history of child labour in England in the 19th century
  • Be flexible with your search terms, and substitute with synonyms, for example:
    • England OR Britain OR United Kingdom
    • Colonies OR colonial OR Empire
  • Express dates/time period in multiple ways:
    • 19th century
    • nineteenth century
    • 18??
    • Victorian era or Victorian period

Finding Books & Book Chapters

Unlike many other disciplines, books are an important form of publication within the discipline of history. Browsing book titles and chapter headings can often help in identifying or narrowing a research topic. You can find them at MRU Library by:

You will always find journal articles via the  Search books, articles and more box on the library homepage

  • Try limiting to the SUBJECT of history and archaeology or similar topic by using the limiters on the right side panel
  • Try the advanced search 

For fewer but often more relevant results specifically from the discipline of History, try one of the databases listed on the Articles tab of this research guide. 

Recommended Journal Article Databases for British History

Discover Books and Articles Beyond MRU

  • Google Scholar - great for discovering journal articles. Make sure you adjust the "library links" settings to search MRU's collection.
  • WorldCat - searches library catalogues across North America. An excellent tool for discovery books beyond MRU's collection.
  • Interlibrary loan - borrow items not owned by MRU via interlibrary loan service. 

Background Sources

To help you narrow and better understand the basics about a topic, time period/historical era, person or place, browse the BACKGROUND SOURCES tab of this guide for encyclopedias, or try some of the titles below. Keep searches very simple e.g. Industrial Revolution, Disraeli, Working Class.