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Defining your topic

Narrowing down your broad topic to a more manageable research question can be challenging. Thinking about your topic in terms of the 3 P's can help:

  • People
  • Problem 
  • Place

After you have done some preliminary research and have identified a narrow topic, you can begin to develop your thesis statement into something that is searchable. 

Background sources

Having trouble thinking of a thesis? Need some background information to become more familiar with the general topic?

Try these:

Academic sources

Some Tips to Help Identify Academic Sources:

  • Article is from a scholarly journal found in a library database
  • Evidence of peer review
  • Author has academic credentials
  • Article is written for an expert audience (narrowly focused subject, technical language, reference to other research in the field, detailed description of research)

Where to look for journal articles

APA citation resources

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