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Research assistant training

Research Assistant (RA) training helps individuals hired as research assistants by Mount Royal University faculty conduct better scholarly research and assists them in the identification and retrieval of materials and resources.

Training can be customized, based on the skills and resources needed for research, the knowledge and skills of the RA and the scope of the projects. Training may include such topics as:

  • discipline-specific resources
  • advanced search techniques
  • citation management (i.e., using Mendeley)
  • acquisition of materials not held by MRU Library (ie. Interlibrary Loan)

To arrange for training or for more information please contact your Subject Librarian

Borrowing privileges

  • Research assistants are eligible to receive a Proxy Library card
    • RAs will be issued a paper card to present, along with their student ID, to borrow materials on the designated faculty member's account
  • Items checked out on the faculty member’s account are loaned with faculty due dates
    • The faculty member is ultimately responsible for any items checked out by the proxy
  • Download the research assistant proxy authorization form to be completed by the faculty member and the research assistant. Once completed, research assistants can bring the signed form to the Service Desk in the Library to have a proxy card issued

MRU Faculty and students are also eligible for a COPPUL card that allows them to borrow materials from across Canada. 

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Interlibrary Loan requesting tips for RAs

  • Follow Copyright guidelines
    • If multiple chapters of a book are wanted request a loan of the book not copies of the chapters.
  • Tell us you are an RA and any other relevant details
    •  Adding a note in your request such as "RA, any language, can wait" or just "RA"  lets the ILL staff know the item requested is wanted regardless of what language it is or how long it will take
      • Leaving out this information delays your request processing
  • Coordinate with other RAs on your team. If multiple people are working on the same project having some method of tracking submitted requests is a good idea in order to reduce duplication of requests