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Finding and Selecting Evidence

For your SLWK 1215 Assignment, you need to find two peer-reviewed articles related to the identified problem and the intervention(s) or treatment approach that you are recommending.

You then need to discuss how the articles relate to your client issue and recommended intervention.

How to Generate Keywords for Database Searching

Try to break down your topic into the main concepts:    1. Client     2. Issue     3. Intervention

You can also add another concept to describe the type of article, research evidence or study type you are looking for.

Brainstorm to think of synonyms, broader terms and narrower terms to describe each of these concepts.

Example: Your client is an adolescent male with anger management challenges and problematic alcohol and drug use, who is in the contemplation stage of change. You are considering referring him to a group therapy program.

Client Issue Intervention (Optional) Research evidence
adolescent drug abuse group therapy systematic review
teen alcohol use cognitive behavioral therapy trial
youth substance misuse multi-family therapy evidence
contemplation anger management support groups outcome

Your database search might look like this:

adolescen* contemplat* "substance abuse" "group therapy" evidence

^ Note: asterisks (*) search for different endings of words, and quotations marks (" ") search for phrases of two or more words. ^

If your first search doesn't get good results, try substituting one or more of the keywords with some of the synonyms you have found from brainstorming or the ones you've seen in the article databases.

Databases to search for Evidence-based Research Articles



In-Class Exercise:

Look at each of the articles listed below and rank them on a scale of 1 - 5 on their usefulness for your assignment. Use the following criteria to help you rank them:

AUTHOR: Who wrote or created the research paper? Is the author an expert? What qualifications and/or affiliation does the author have to write on the topic?

SOURCE: What is the name of the publication where this paper appears? What type of paper is it...peer-reviewed, commentary, thesis, other? 

CONTENT: What type of research generated the information....research study, case study, review, meta-analysis, theoretical paper? What is the quality of the evidence presented?

RELEVANCE: Is the publication related to social work? Does the paper present documented evidence of successful intervention(s) in a social work context?

Resources for Writing an Annotation

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