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Policies & guidelines

MRU Library Spaces in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre

The MRU Library spaces are designed to provide educational programming to all students, faculty, staff and community partners This programming will support the teaching, learning, and scholarship activities of our stakeholders.

The Library is primarily a study and learning environment. With this in mind, the potential impact on access to Library spaces will be considered with each request.

To book programming in the Library, please contact Outreach Lead, Courtney Montgomery

Looking to book event space at Mount Royal University?

MRU’s Event and Theatre Services provides customizable spaces that can be reserved for events, conferences, training sessions, or performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate weekly recurring bookings? 
No, we generally cannot accommodate standing weekly bookings. Requests for recurring bookings will be evaluated according to availability, purpose and frequency.

How far out should I book my programming? 
We require at least 3 weeks of notice to engage with our campus partners if catering, specialized technical support, or customized furniture setups be part of the request.

How long does it take to acquire licensing for audio-visual work and how do I do it? 
If you are planning on screening an audio-visual work, please note that it could take 6-8 weeks to obtain public performance rights, which are typically subject to licensing fees. We are happy to assist you in this process.  

For more information about licensing and copyright, please contact the Copyright Advisor