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Ideas Lounge

What is the Ideas Lounge?

Located on the first floor, the Ideas Lounge is an exciting gathering space, designed to support Library and campus programming with public lectures, presentations, workshops, showcases and other interactive events. Surrounded by glass and featuring a retractable glass wall this space can be booked with or without the use of the atrium. The state-of-the-art interactive visualization wall is ideal for large-scale displays and the Ideas Lounge is also an exciting new teaching, learning and research space enabling unique exploration and deep understanding of information (text, data, video, image, etc.) across all subject areas. The large-scale display, along with an enhanced sound system and recording and streaming capabilities, creates a special experiential learning experience in an engaging public setting.

The Visualization Classroom provides access to the same technology in a more “standard” classroom setting.

Standard: 35; Theatre seating: 60; Cocktail reception: 80; Banquet: 48

numbers are subject to change

The Ideas Lounge can be booked for programming such as: workshops, exhibits, teaching, TED talks, research presentations or personal interest. MRU faculty, staff, students and community members can request to book this space.

For booking related inquiries please contact Courtney Montgomery, Library Outreach Lead at

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  • This room is available for MRU students, faculty, staff or the MRU community to book by contacting Courtney Montgomery, Library Outreach Lead at
  • We generally require 3 weeks of notice for special events which require catering or customized furniture setups in this space
  • This room contains specialized technology.  Users are required to meet with a member of our Visualization Team to determine training and support needs before the requested booking can be confirmed
  • When the room is not booked, it is an open study space

Our visualization walls allow presenters to convey information in interesting and dynamic ways. Our staff can work with you to maximize the interactive properties of the wall.

Schedule a technology consultation to get one-on-one help with learning various software and technology. Contact Anna Nuhn, Visualization Specialist at for more information.

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This interactive high resolution display can be used to view and manipulate large amounts of information (data, text, video, etc.) at one time in a single display, or to view and display multiple channels of content over smaller segmented or 'split' screens.

  • 18 -  55" LCD monitors (3x6) with multitouch glass overlay
  • Wall dimensions: 7.29 m (w) x 2.05 m (h)
  • Wall resolution: 37, 324, 800 pixels (11, 520 (w) x 3, 240 (h) pixels), 72 dpi

Connecting your content

  • Resident Windows desktop
  • HDMI laptop connection
  • Wireless devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops) using WePresent

Technology features

  • Video recording (front and rear wall mounted cameras)
  • Video conferencing (Polycom, Skype, Hangouts etc.)
  • 5 wireless microphones (2 lapel, 2 handheld, 1 gooseneck)
  • Presenter clicker (borrow from the Service Desk)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse for resident windows desktop
  • Surround sound speaker system
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Advanced Visualization Wall Techniques  
November 8, 2018 / November 29, 2018
10:00 am – 11:30 am

Learn how to create engaging and interactive presentations, exhibits, and research displays on the MRU Library Visualization Walls. We will explore advanced features of the wall(s) including; recommended web applications/tools, presentation design tips, and custom setups/displays and how you might incorporate them into your teaching/learning, outreach, and research.

Please sign up for a Visualization Wall Training Session with the MRU Visualization Team in the Ideas Lounge (EL1270)

Training sessions are held Mondays from 10 am to 11 am in the Viz Lounge but are subject to change, please check the Library Programming Calendar.

What we will cover:

  • How to operate the visualization wall(s)
  • How to connect and display your content on the wall(s)
  • Room features including; video conferencing and video recording
  • Visualization wall programming including; MRU content showcases, drop-in hours, consulting, and more!

Please bring the following:

  • Paper/pen or laptop to take notes
  • A device (cellphone, tablet, laptop) that has the MirrorOp app (SENDER/PRESENTER) downloaded and installed
  • Your questions!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Interested in booking a specialized training session for your department or class? Please contact Anna Nuhn, Visualization Specialist, for more information.

Drop-in sessions offer an opportunity to discuss or test your upcoming reservations or content face-to-face with a visualization staff member.

If you wish to attend a drop-in session you do not need to register online, just go directly to the Visualization Classroom (EL1441).

Drop-in sessions will be held Tuesdays from 10 am to 11 am in the Viz Classroom but are subject to change, please check on the Library Programming Calendar.

The Ideas Lounge hosts many public presentations and special functions. To view our upcoming schedule please visit the Library Programming Calendar

When the visualization wall in the Ideas Lounge is not in use we will be showcasing a curated program of content that is focused on demonstrating MRU’s impact and we welcome you to contribute to our content portfolio.

  • If you are interested in producing media for or submitting content to be displayed on our visualization wall please send a description of your idea/your submission to Matt Laidlow,
  • Submissions are subject to the editorial review of the MRU Library Visualization Team.
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Yes, please contact Anna Nuhn at for more information.
Yes, come to one of our drop-in sessions, held on Tuesdays from 10 to 11 in the EL 1441, and test your content and/or ask questions
See the Find Software tool for a complete list of software, search by location 'Ideas Lounge'.
Contact Anna Nuhn at for a private training session.
Come to our drop-in session (Tuesdays at 10 in EL1441) or book a private consultation with Anna Nuhn at or Sarah Stephens at
Contact Matt Laidlow at for information on how to share your content.
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Contact Anna Nuhn, Visualization Specialist, at or 403.440.7088 with any questions about using the Ideas Lounge and/or the resident technology.

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MRU Library Visualization Team

Anna Nuhn, Visualization Specialist or 403.440.7088

Matt Laidlow, Media Designer or 403.440.7099

Sarah Stephens, Digital Technologies Specialist or 403.440.5639

Courtney Montgomery, Outreach Lead or 403.440.7054