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Library Classrooms

About the Library Classrooms

The Library Classrooms on the first floor (EL1470A/B) provide computer lab space designed specifically for hands-on Library instruction and other computer-based learning. Both rooms are designed to allow for flexible and innovative teaching, active learning, and collaboration.

  • The furniture in the library classrooms are arranged using row-style seating.
  • EL1470A seats 36
  • EL1470B seats 40

These labs are joined by a retractable wall that can be opened to create a single, large instructional lab.

When not in use for teaching or other library programming these rooms are open to Library users.


Multiple projectors and screens, classroom instruction podiums, dimming lights and blackout blinds, hard-wired computers, robust wifi, and two different classroom layouts.

Other classrooms and lab space in the RLLC

For inquiries about other classrooms and labs in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre please contact the responsible areas:

Special booking information

These labs are prioritized for Library teaching and programming and are not available for booking during peak periods during the term. For information about booking these instructional lab spaces outside of peak periods, or evenings and weekends, please contact Katharine Barrette - Associate Dean, University Library, Public Services, at or 403.440.6126.