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Visualization Classroom

Our Visualization Classroom features one of our two resident visualization walls - a large-scale high-resolution digital display that joins 15, 55” LCD monitors to create one large screen. While the multiple monitors can be joined to display one piece of digital media, the technology also lends itself to view multiple sources (resident desktop, laptops, tablets, cell phones) at one time. The wall also features a multitouch glass overlay that allows users to interact with content via touch control.

The Ideas Lounge provides access to the same technology in a more open and public setting.

The Visualization Classroom is arranged in row style seating and can accommodate a maximum of 35 users.

Our Visualization Classroom fosters an interactive, dynamic and hands-on educational environment that enhances research, encourages active learning and drives collaboration between faculty and students. This technology can be used to  helps learners and researchers view information with new perspectives, helping them draw alternative conclusions, deeper analyses, and develop critical thinking. The immersive experiences, created by the large-scale display,bridges quantitative and qualitative methods, interdisciplinary explorations, and diverse modes of inquiry to address complex questions across all disciplines at Mount Royal University.

Video Call with Guest Lecturers

This is the perfect opportunity to invite a guest speaker into your class. Our sophisticated video and audio system will allow students to take in and ask questions of guests while interacting with supporting materials on the wall.

Record Presentations

Need to create presentations for your students to view online or have your students record presentations for their portfolios? The Visualization Classroom comes equipped with microphones and front and rear cameras with four layout options to record presentations onto a USB key. 

Virtual Reality

Immerse students in a strategically designed scenario to facilitate high-tech projects. Classes have utilized virtual reality to develop and test apps.

Focus on the Details

Analysis of high resolution  digital media including; photographs, videos, satellite imagery, and fine art as well as large datasets with the help of a 6.08 m (w) x 2.05 m (h) screen. Highlight specific details or illustrate how multiple sources relate with the multiple  screen options.

Interactive Engaging Lectures

Develop content that allows students to get out of their desks and interact and explore on the wall - perhaps a geographical tour of medieval England.

Students Can Lead

The touch screen display is the ideal companion for presentations. Students have the ability to show off projects to classmates and manipulate visuals with their fingertips. 

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  • This space can be reserved by MRU faculty, students or staff.
  • Users must attend a 1-hour training session prior to their booking being confirmed

Consultation is not required prior to booking this space.

Drop-in sessions will be held Tuesdays from 10 am to 11 am in the Viz Classroom but are subject to change, please check on the Library Programming Calendar.

Drop-in sessions offer an opportunity to discuss or test your upcoming reservations or content face-to-face with a visualization staff member.

If you wish to attend a drop-in session you do not need to register online, just go directly to the Visualization Classroom (EL1441).

Users must attend a 1-hour training session prior to their booking being confirmed.

Sign up for a Visualization Wall Training Session with the MRU Visualization Team in the Ideas Lounge (EL1270)

Training sessions are held Mondays from 10 am to 11 am in the Viz Lounge but are subject to change, please check the Library Programming Calendar.

What we will cover:

  • How to operate the visualization wall(s)
  • How to connect and display your content on the wall(s)
  • Room features including; video conferencing and video recording
  • Visualization wall programming including; MRU content showcases, drop-in hours, consulting, and more!
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Tools and technology

This touch enabled and interactive high resolution display can be used to view and manipulate large amounts of information (images, data, text, video, etc.) at one time in a single display, or to view and display multiple channels of content over smaller segmented or ‘split’ screens. The space can be used with or without laptops.

  • 15 - 55" LCD monitors (3x5) with a multitouch glass overlay
  • Wall dimensions: 6.08 m (w) x 2.05 m (h)
  • Wall resolution: 31, 104, 000  (9600 (w) x 3240 (h) pixels), 72 dpi

Connecting your content

  • Resident Windows desktop
  • HDMI laptop connection
  • Wireless devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops) using WePresent

The computer in the Visualization Classroom is loaded with software to enable various uses of the wall. Broad categories of software available include:

  • presentation preparation/delivery
  • data analysis/visualization
  • photo/video editing
  • drawing/sketching
  • media players

For a full list of software available in the Visualization Classroom please check out the Find Software tool, search by location 'Visualization Classroom'

Technology features

  • Video recording (front and rear wall mounted cameras)
  • Video conferencing (Polycom, Skype, Hangouts etc.)
  • 5 wireless microphones (2 lapel, 2 handheld, 1 gooseneck)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse for resident desktop
  • Surround sound speaker system
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Yes, please contact Anna Nuhn at for more information.
Yes, come to one of our drop-in sessions, held on Wednesdays from 10 to 11 in EL1441, and test your content and/or ask questions
See the Find Software tool for a complete list of software, search by location 'Visualization Classroom'
Contact Anna Nuhn at for a private training session.
Come to our drop-in session (Wednesdays at 10 in EL1441) or book a private consultation with Anna Nuhn at or Sarah Stephens at
Contact Matt Laidlow at for information on how to share your content.
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MRU Library Visualization Team

Anna Nuhn, Emerging Technologies Specialist 

Matt Laidlow, Media Designer

Sarah Stephens, Digital Technologies Specialist

Courtney Montgomery, Outreach Lead