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Visualization Classroom

What is the Visualization Classroom?

The Visualization Classroom is currently under construction. We anticipate this room will be open for booking in December 2017.

The Visualization Classroom, located on the first floor in EL1441, offers a state-of-the-art interactive visualization wall ideal for large-scale displays of text, images, video, data etc.  This exciting new teaching, learning and research space enables innovative teaching and unique opportunities to explore, learn, create and share. Regardless of the topic or discipline faculty, students and staff will find this specialized classroom full of potential.  The large-scale display, along with an enhanced sound system and recording and streaming capabilities, creates a special active and experiential learning experience.  

The Ideas Visualization Lounge provides access to the same technology in a more open and public setting.

The Visualization Classroom can be booked for teaching or research purposes, or for programming and presentations. Faculty, staff, community members, and students can request to book this space. 


The Visualization Classroom contains a wall-sized (6m x 3m) visualization monitor. This touch enabled and interactive high resolution display can be used to view and manipulate large amounts of information (images, data, text, video, etc.) at one time in a single display, or to view and display multiple channels of content over smaller segmented or ‘split’ screens. The space can be used with or without laptops. Software allows for content to be shared on the display wall from various computers in the space.   A specialized sound system allows for an enhanced experience and facilitates the streaming and recording of events.


Contact Anna Nuhn, Visualization Specialist, at or 403.440.7088 with any questions about using the Visualization Classroom and/or the resident technology.