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Find data

Receive support for data searching and access with:

  • Data collections
  • Individualized consultations
  • Curriculum-integrated data literacy sessions for students
  • Workshops for students and faculty

Data management

Research data management (RDM) is the process of organizing and safeguarding data to ensure it remains accessible.

RDM includes:

  • Data management planning
  • File organization and security
  • Documentation and metadata development
  • Archiving and publishing data

The Data Hub will work with instructors to integrate RDM practices into research-focused courses (i.e. research methods, honours, and capstone courses) to encourage the development of these skills alongside existing research pedagogy.

Training in RDM will be offered to student research assistants (RA), in addition to existing RA training services.

Through collaboration with The Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement (ORSCE), the Data Hub will support faculty in these areas through workshops and consultations. 

Data collection tools

The Data Hub provides support for introductory use of data collection and analysis tools. Novice users may also get assistance with accessing and setting up software or importing data.

Assistance with statistical analysis or advanced research methodologies is not provided.