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The Ideas Lounge is full of equipment and technology to support the variety of projects and programs featured in the space each day. This is where current and future users can find specific resources to help them create media for the Visualization Wall and background on how to run a presentation like a pro. If any questions come up after this material is accessed, refer to the FAQs or contact the in-room experts who will be glad to assist—They, too, are also a resource.


Coming soon...

Yes, please contact Anna Nuhn at for more information.
Yes, come to one of our drop-in sessions, held on Tuesdays from 10 to 11 in the EL 1441, and test your content and/or ask questions
See the Find Software tool for a complete list of software, search by location 'Ideas Lounge'.
Contact Anna Nuhn at for a private training session.
Come to our drop-in session (Tuesdays at 10 in EL1441) or book a private consultation with Anna Nuhn at or Sarah Stephens at
Contact Matt Laidlow at for information on how to share your content.
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Equipment list

The computer in the Ideas Lounge is loaded with software to enable various uses of the wall. Broad categories of software available include:

  • presentation preparation/delivery
  • data analysis/visualization
  • photo/video editing
  • drawing/sketching
  • media players

For a full list of software available in the Ideas Lounge please check out the Find Software tool, search by location 'Ideas Lounge'

This interactive high resolution display can be used to view and manipulate large amounts of information (data, text, video, etc.) at one time in a single display, or to view and display multiple channels of content over smaller segmented or 'split' screens.

  • 18 -  55" LCD monitors (3x6) with multitouch glass overlay
  • Wall dimensions: 7.29 m (w) x 2.05 m (h)
  • Wall resolution: 37, 324, 800 pixels (11, 520 (w) x 3, 240 (h) pixels), 72 dpi

Connecting your content

  • Resident Windows desktop
  • HDMI laptop connection
  • Wireless devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops) using WePresent

Technology features

  • Video recording (front and rear wall mounted cameras)
  • Video conferencing (Polycom, Skype, Hangouts etc.)
  • 5 wireless microphones (2 lapel, 2 handheld, 1 gooseneck)
  • Presenter clicker (borrow from the Service Desk)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse for resident windows desktop
  • Surround sound speaker system
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