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Guidelines for Library Use

The following guidelines align with the principles inherent in MRU’s Code of Student Community Standards Policy.

Use of the Library

The Library spaces are to be used for learning, study and academic discovery. Users of the Library are expected to behave in a quiet and respectful manner that does not disrupt the learning environment. Behaviours that disrupt the learning environment include, but are not limited to:

  • Impacting or harming others with unwelcome, aggressive, and/or persistent conduct that could reasonably be known to be loud, intimidating, disruptive or disrespectful
  • Altering the design of the furniture, facilities or space, which includes moving or relocating furniture
  • Exceeding room capacities
  • Participating in games or sports
  • Violating any University policies, including smoking or vaping
  • Entering unauthorized or restricted areas

In collaborative spaces, including group study rooms and open study spaces, quiet talking using a low voice is permitted. In silent study spaces, silence is required.

If you are interested in taking photos or videos in MRU Library, please reach out to our Communications Coordinator at


Violation of Library guidelines or of MRU policy may result in the loss of library privileges. MRU Students that conduct themselves in a disruptive manner will be addressed as outlined in the University’s Code of Community Standards Procedures.