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Maker & Media Commons

Audio Production

Record high quality podcasts and voice-over to enhance your creative projects in the Library’s Audio Production Rooms. Access sound booths and audiovisual editing software for interviews, discussions, and more.

Tools & Technology

Field Recording Kit

This kit contains everything you need to record high quality in-person interviews, including a Zoom H5 recorder, headphones, reporter microphone, 6ft XLR cable, SD card, charging adapter and a tote bag for easy carrying outside the library. 

Podcasting Kit
Podcasting kits are a portable solution that can help you record high-quality audio while on location. Each kit includes four vocal microphones, a Zoom PodTrak P4 recorder, stands, headphones and cables.

Featured: The Big Ideas Podcast

Exploring the perspectives, research, lived experiences, and hopeful aspirations of alumni and the university community, MRU's Big ideas podcast was recorded right here in the Library's Audio Production Rooms. 

Tools & Technology

Rodecaster Pro
The Rodecaster Pro is a powerful all-in-one audio production solution that can help you record podcasts, music and voice-over at the touch of a button. Connect any computer with installed audio software to the Rodecaster Pro in the Library’s Audio Rooms using the provided USB cable, or borrow a USB-C to USB-C cable from the Service Desk as part of your booking.


Audio Production Room 2L

Record podcasts, interviews, discussions and more with groups of up to four using the Rodecaster audio interface. Video conferences and phone calls can also be recorded in addition to people in the room.

Post Production Room 2M

Record voice overs and edit podcasts, videos, and other audiovisual projects using the installed audio and video editing software.


MRU users may reserve the audio rooms for up to 4 hours a day and a maximum of 12 hours per week. MRU Alumni and Community Borrowers may book the Audio Production Rooms by phone (403.440.6019) for a maximum of 4 hours per booking and 8 hours per week.

These rooms contain specialized sound recording equipment and software, and are not group meeting rooms; users not using the space for the intended purposes (audio recording, editing, and interviewing) will result in users being asked to leave. Users misusing the rooms may be prevented from booking in the future or be referred to Security or the Office of Student Community Standards.

1. Book the Room

  • If you are a student, faculty or staff member, book the rooms 2M and 2L online.
  • When you arrive at your scheduled time, stop by the Library Service Desk to pick up both the required room accessory kit and key card to access the rooms.

2. Review Quick Start Guide

3. Properly Use the Space

  • Leave the space in an orderly and clean condition.
  • Please turn off all equipment when you are done using the room; report damage or misuse to the Service Desk immediately.
  • You are responsible for the space, furniture, technology and any damage that occurs during your use of the space.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the rooms; water in a closed container is permitted.
  • You may not add furniture or exceed the marked room capacity at any time.
  • Please return the key card and room kits to the Service Desk at the end of your booked time to avoid late fees.

Quick Start Videos

Audio Production Room (2L) Quick Start

Post Production Room (2M) Quick Start

Equipment and Software

Audio Editing Software

Software What does it do? Location
Adobe Audition Intuitive program for recording, editing, and mixing multitrack audio projects. Best for audio editing and podcasting.
Audacity Ideal for fast recording, editing, and exporting audio files. This software cannot record multitrack.
GarageBand Ideal for beginner audio and music recording, editing, and mixing.
  • Post-Production Room 2M
  • Main Floor Computer Commons, Mac Computers
Logic Pro X Ideal for intermediate and advanced audio and music multitrack recording, editing, and mixing.
  • Post-Production Room 2M

Video Editing Software

Software What does it do? Location
Final Cut Pro X Ideal for beginners. Intuitive video editing and voiceover recording.
  • Post-Production Room 2M
  • Main Floor Computer Commons, Mac Computers
Adobe Premiere Intermediate level video editing software. Import clips directly from Adobe Audition to Adobe Premiere.


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