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The Mount Royal Library collection supports and anticipates the curricular and research needs of students, staff, and faculty. The collection includes material across a variety of formats from print books to streaming videos and is curated through purchase, subscription, donation, and open access. Mount Royal also provides a platform for contributed items, such as those found in the institutional repository, open journals, data sets, and archival collections.

By the Numbers

Physical Collection








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Music CDs

Digital Collection




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Specialized Collections

The entire collection at MRU Library includes over 1.5 million physical and digital resources. We’re proud of the expansive coverage of material that covers the many programs offered at MRU. A list of our unique collections include:

A Path to Open Access

Collecting is more than purchasing, it’s also about providing opportunities for scholars to access and contribute to open resources that are available to all. This is a library that supports open access publishing and related initiatives.

Open access collections

Collection Development

Keep up-to-date on changes to Library collections.

Consortium Memberships

The Alberta Library (TAL)
Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL)
Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN)


At Mount Royal University Library, we warmly welcome your contributions, which play a crucial role in enriching our collections and, consequently, supporting the academic endeavors of scholars at Mount Royal. We accept financial gifts to in-kind donations, each making a significant impact on the continuous evolution of our resources tailored to meet scholarly needs. 



Mount Royal University Library selectively accepts donations to enhance the main collection, focusing on items that support our academic programs and fill gaps in our holdings. Librarians determine the fate of all donations, which may be discarded if not added to the collection.

What we welcome:

  • Recent Scholarly Works: We are interested in recent publications that are not currently part of our collection but can support the academic needs of our community.
  • Unique Additions: Any items that fill a void within our existing resources are highly appreciated.

What we do not accept:

  • Items in Poor Condition: We cannot accept items that are damaged, that have highlighted text or have been written in.
  • Specific Types of Materials: Older edition textbooks or review copies of textbooks marked as instructor use only, popular fiction or non-fiction, magazines, incomplete sets, or duplicates are outside the scope of our current needs. Formats that are no longer relevant, such as CD-ROM or VHS tapes.

Get in Touch
If you are considering making a donation or wish to learn more about how your contributions can make a difference, please do not hesitate to contact us at When reaching out regarding potential donations, kindly include detailed information about the items you wish to donate (title, author, year in particular, with edition, ISBN, and condition also being helpful) to facilitate the evaluation process.

Your support is invaluable to us, and we look forward to the opportunity to work together in enhancing the educational resources available at Mount Royal University Library.