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Data Repository

A platform where MRU researchers can publish data to secure and record their scholarship while contributing to long-term preservation that supports future learning. This repository is part of the Scholars Portal Network, which is a collection of more than 50 institutional data repositories across Canada.

Submit Data


Any data involving human participants must be approved for collection by HREB and participants should have consented to having data openly published, even if data is anonymous or de-identified.


Data deposited in MRU Data Repository should be accompanied by sufficient documentation that the data may be reused by another researcher with a similar level of expertise.


Check to make sure the metadata is complete, accurate and that file names are clear. Visit for information about organizing and documenting data.


Students wishing to deposit data should contact Brian Jackson, Data Librarian prior to submission to discuss their projects.

The Benefits of Publishing Data

Once data is published in a repository like our Data Repository, it is open and becomes part of the scholarly record with the potential to contribute to learning and discovery

Open data promotes transparency and reproducibility in research

Publishing data creates avenues for other researchers to discover your work

A repository secures and archives research data for long-term preservation

Researchers control the licensing and terms of use

Publishing in MRU Data Repository satisfies the open data requirements of most publishers and funders


Repository Guides