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About the Copyright Guide

Welcome to the Copyright Guide! Here you will find information about copyright law in Canada and how it applies to students, staff and faculty at MRU. 

There are several pages available to you. Copyright Basics, Using Copyrighted Materials, Copyright-Friendly Resources & Guidelines, and the Copyright Modernization Act are applicable to everyone.  You can also click on the Faculty, Students, or Staff tabs for specific information.  Where applicable, these three tabs will refer you back to general information on other pages.

If you have any questions or would like to see additional information included here on the website, please contact the Copyright Advisor at or by phone at 403.440.6618.

Upcoming Workshops, News and Events

Practical Copyright for Instruction:

This introductory workshop covers some of the basic issues instructors face when determining how copyright applies to various types of works in face-to-face and digital classroom environments. Join Alana Zanbilowicz, MRU’s Copyright Advisor as she examines some of the practical applications of copyright in your everyday work.

  ⇒ Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 at 1 pm:

  ⇒ Thursday, September 26th, 2019 at 10 am:

Teaching with Movies and Other Media:

It’s not always clear how and where you can use films and other media in class, on Blackboard, or distributed to your students and how your User Rights under the Copyright Act apply. Join Alana Zanbilowicz, MRU’s Copyright Advisor as she examines:

  • Copyright basics
  • Your user rights under the Copyright Act
  • How to source copyright friendly movies and videos
  • Where, when and how to incorporate these resources in your teaching

  ⇒ Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 at 1 pm:

  ⇒ Thursday, October 10th, 2019 at 10 am:

Using Electronic Images:

Knowing how to incorporate electronic images in your course materials in a copyright friendly way can be confusing. Join Copyright Advisor Alana Zanbilowicz in a workshop that will answer your questions. In this session you will explore:

  • Copyright basics
  • Your user rights under the Copyright Act
  • How to source copyright friendly electronic images
  • Where, when and how to incorporate these images in your teaching

  ⇒ Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 at 1 pm:

  ⇒ Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 at 10 am:

Copyright for Students:

Students need to understand how copyright affect them in their school work and how they can rely on their user rights to prepare assignments. In this workshop, Alana Zanbilowicz, MRU Copyright Advisor, will take students through a broad overview of their rights and obligations under the Copyright Act.

  ⇒ Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 at 1 pm:

  ⇒ Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 10 am:


Custom Copyright Classes or Workshops:

The Copyright Advisor is also pleased to host custom workshops for interested groups, or speak to your class about copyright issues relevant to the course subject matter.  Please give the Copyright Advisor as much time as possible to prepare for these events.

January, 2018

Students Posting Instructors' Copyrighted Materials to Third Party Websites

Adrian Sheppard, Director of the University of Alberta's Copyright Office has created a great piece on the issue of students posting instructors' materials on third party websites such as Course Hero. You can read more here

September 25, 2017

Access Copyright v York University - Update

York University filed its appeal in the Access v York litigation with the Federal Court on Friday, September 22, 2017. More will be posted following receipt and review of all pleadings.


September 8, 2017

Fair Dealing Myths and Facts

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries has released its Fair Dealing Myths and Facts information sheet, which offers a great breakdown of misinformation around fair dealing. The French language version is available here.


September 1, 2017

Mount Royal University's Official Statement on Access Copyright v. York University

On July 12, the Federal Court released its judgement in the first phase of the Access Copyright v York University litigation.

The Court declared that certain portions of copying by York's employees were subject to the interim tariff issued by the Copyright Board. The Court further determined that this copying did not fall within the "fair dealing" exception established by the Copyright Act.

York has been ordered to pay royalties for the 2011-2013 time frame. In addition, the Court found that York's "Fair Dealing Guidelines" were neither fair in their terms nor in their application.

It should be noted that this decision is very fact-specific and is binding only on the parties to the litigation, and not on other academic institutions.

Mount Royal University continues to review this decision and is following further developments, including York University's announcement that it will appeal this decision.

Our initial analysis indicates that the decision is inconsistent with prior Supreme Court of Canada legal precedents.

Although various course pack producers, publishers and other industry players have suggested that this decision effectively overrules the Copyright Act’s fair dealing exception, in fact, the decision does not prevent “fair dealing” of copyrighted material in appropriate circumstances.

The Supreme Court of Canada has, in a number of cases, asserted that the Copyright Act’s “fair dealing” exception establishes critical “user rights” for individuals wanting to use copyrighted works. This Federal Court decision in favour of Access Copyright has neither removed nor diminished these statutory user rights.

As Mount Royal University was not a party to this litigation, it is not subject to the Federal Court’s ruling. All faculty and staff should continue to follow our Fair Dealing Guidelines.

The University continues to monitor the evolution of this case and will provide updates as applicable.

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  • For all things copyright, please contact the Copyright Advisor at for more information (or browse through this guide).
  • The MRU Fair Dealing Guidelines are available here.
  • For information on creating links, adding to the library resources or specific subject guides, please contact your Subject Librarian and MRU's Permalink Builder.
  • For assistance with your BlackBoard site, please contact the Academic Development Center ("ADC").
  • For information on course packs (including deadlines!), please contact the Bookstore.


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If, after browsing this guide, you still have questions or require additional information please contact, or 403.440.6618.

Student drop-in office hours on the main floor of the RLLC will resume in September, 2019.