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Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Guide

The following guide provides general advice on how to navigate common research activities from conducting literature reviews to sharing your findings as posters, presentations, and papers. For additional tips on researching in your particular discipline, please check out our subject guides or make an appointment with your Subject Librarian.

Interested in Becoming Involved in Research?

There are many different ways to become involved in research as a student both in and outside the classroom. Advising has some advice to help you get started.

Image outlining different research related activit


Guide information

Version 1.1 - Adaptor - Cari Merkley. Last updated August 2020

Version 1.0 - Compiler/Author - Zahra Premji - 2016

Need assistance?

If you need assistance with your research project, please reach out to your subject librarian. They would be happy to help.

If you are not sure who to chat with, please contact Cari Merkley.

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Cari Merkley

Phone: 403.440.5068
Office: EL4423U