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Book Spaces

In keeping with our mission, the Library spaces in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre are designed to support the learning, teaching, and scholarship-related activities of our students, staff, faculty, and community.

In an effort to align with guidelines from Alberta Health Services and Mount Royal University, MRU Library is temporarily suspending bookings for our spaces.

Book Spaces

Group Rooms

These rooms provide the space and technology to facilitate and support group or collaborative work and study.  Further details on each room are available in the booking system, from boardroom-style 5-seat rooms to 10-seat presentation practice rooms containing projection and presentation technologies. A variety of quiet individual seating is available throughout the Library.

We ask that users respect the intended use of these rooms. In times of high demand, groups will be given priority, and individuals in rooms may be asked to relocate.

  • MRU students, faculty, and staff may book these rooms directly through the Library website.  An email address is required
  • External community members may use the rooms when there are no bookings on a first come, first served basis.

Visualization Spaces

Ideas Lounge (EL1270)

Ideas Lounge

The Ideas Lounge provides access to space and technology which enables users to engage in interactive, visual learning and design of digital projects in support of their research, coursework or personal interest.  It is also designed to host events and presentations such as public lectures, exhibits, workshops and other interactive showcases.

  • This room is available for MRU students, faculty, and staff to request to book via the Library website with an email address (required). All requests submitted are subject to review before approval.
  • Users can also contact the Outreach Lead ( directly with booking requests.
  • Users that require the support of designers and/or visualization experts should book at least two weeks in advance.
  • This room contains specialized technology.  Users are required to meet with a member of our Visualization Team to determine training and support needs before the requested booking can be confirmed.  We will contact you to arrange a training time.
  • When the room is not booked, it is an open study space.

The Immersion Studio (EL3345)

Immersion StudioThe Immersion Studio allows for projection of images or information on all four walls of the room at the same time, creating a unique 360° experience for teaching, learning and research. 

  • Available for booking by faculty, students, and staff
  • Users are required to consult with Emerging Technologies Specialist Anna Nuhn, prior to using this space.
  • Please book as far in advance as possible, due to the specialized technology a minimum of three weeks advance notice is required

The Visualization Classroom (EL1441)

Visualization ClassroomThe Visualization Classroom is equipped with an interactive, large-scale display screen and is ideal for hosting classes, presentations and workshops.

  • Available for booking by faculty, students, and staff
  • This room contains specialized technology.
  • Users are required to consult with a member of our Visualization Team to determine training and support needs before the requested booking can be confirmed. We will contact you to arrange a training time.

Meeting Spaces

The Library contains a variety of meeting spaces that may be booked for teaching and learning opportunities.

MRU Library is pleased to liaise with you to support programming in one or more of our spaces. Please contact the Library’s Outreach Lead, Courtney Montgomery, at with questions or to book these spaces.

Room capacity and layout information is approximate and may be lower dependent upon additional furniture, layout and audio-visual needs.

Ideas Lounge (EL1270)

Ideas LoungeThis room provides access to space and technology which enables users to engage in interactive, visual learning and design of digital projects in support of their research, coursework or personal interest.  It is also designed to host programming such as public lectures, exhibits, workshops and other interactive showcases.


  • Capacity: 35 to 80 
  • Accessibility: Elevators, washrooms, accessible washrooms
  • Features: Interactive, high resolution touch capable display, video recording (front and rear cameras), video conferencing, surround sound speaker system, 5 wireless microphones
Layout Furniture Capacity
Theatre Chairs - rows 60 guests
Reception 6 - 7 cocktail tables 80 guests
Standard Combination of tables and chairs in varying sizes 35 guests

The Atrium (EL1261)


The Atrium is a large open space located outside and adjacent to the Ideas Lounge. A variety of layout options, beneath the stunning lightwell, makes this space an enticing extension of the Ideas Lounge or a central stand-alone space:


  • Capacity: 40-60
  • Accessibility: Elevators, Washrooms, Accessible Washrooms
  • Features: Open and central; adjacent to the Ideas Lounge
Layout Furniture Capacity
Theatre Chairs - rows 40 guests
Reception 4 - 6 cocktail tables 40 - 60 guests

Formal Library Boardroom (EL4201)

Formal BoardroomPerfect for meetings and receptions, this stunning and centrally-located boardroom boasts technology to support variety of needs overlooking the Grand Staircase:

  • Capacity: 20-50
  • Accessibility: Elevators, Washrooms, Accessible Washrooms
  • Features: projectors, screens and monitor, teleconferencing capability, sound system, glass whiteboards, sink, side tables and countertop.
Layout Furniture Capacity
Meeting Boardroom tables and chairs 20 - 25 guests
Reception 6 cocktail tables 50 guests

The Bubble (EL3249)

The BubbleThe Bubble is an intimate glass-enclosed space located on the 3rd floor of the library near the Fireplace Lounge. Perfect for a smaller gathering or informal lecture, the room contains soft living-room-style seating and several low coffee tables that can be adjusted for various layouts.

  • Capacity: 28
  • Accessibility: Elevators, Washrooms, Accessible Washrooms
  • Features: Glass-walled and open; adjacent to collections and Fireplace Lounge
Layout Furniture Capacity
Living room Soft, movable armchairs 28 guests

Showcase and Exhibit Space (EL4113)

4th Floor ShowcaseThe 4th floor Showcase and Exhibit Space is a flexible, open environment located in a quieter area of the RLLC and is ideal for exhibits. It is located adjacent to the Formal Boardroom and can be used concurrently with that room.

  • Capacity: 100-250
  • Accessibility: Elevators, Washrooms, Accessible Washrooms
  • Features: Stunning views of The Bella concert hall and MRU campus. Open, flexible space for a variety of exhibit styles.

Maker Studio

Maker StudioThe Library’s Maker Studio provides access to space, technologies, tools and supports to enable users to engage in collaborative hands-on tactile learning, creation and design of physical and digital projects for teaching, learning, scholarship and personal interest. The space is designed to host individuals and small classes as well as specialized presentations such as public lectures, workshops and other learning opportunities which align with and complement Library and University programming and initiatives. 

  • This space as well as the individual resident tools and equipment are available for MRU students, faculty, and staff to book via the MRU Library website. 
  • As the Maker Studio contains specialized technology, tools and materials, a Library staff member must be present at all times the Maker Studio or resident tools or equipment are in use.
  • Users are required to meet with the Maker Studio Specialist to complete the Maker Studio Safety Orientation and determine additional training and support needs before the requested booking can be confirmed.  We will contact you to arrange this training.
  • We require 1 week notice for custom programming or workshops requiring the use of the entire the Maker Studio.  
  • For inquiries and/or further information, please contact the Maker Studio at or at 403.440.7051

Audio Production Rooms

Audio Production RoomAudio Production Rooms (EL2451A & B) give Library users an opportunity to pursue a multitude of audio projects with the help of specialized sound recording equipment and software. This is the ideal space to produce a podcast, conduct and record interviews, and edit audio files.

These suites are equipped with all the technology and equipment you need to create your next audio/video production. ​​​Supporting equipment such as microphones and headphones can be borrowed from the Service Desk.

Academic Media Lab

Academic Media LabThe Academic Media Lab (EL2230) is home to three Media Production rooms each equipped with one button recording. Easily record microlectures, interviews, presentations and other materials to support your teaching or learning.

All at the push of a button!

In these versatile spaces you can record against a neutral background, a projected presentation or a green screen. The two smaller media rooms also double as private editing suites where you can add polish to your video using Adobe’s library of software.

Research + Writing

Faculty and staff temporary office (EL2246)

Mount Royal faculty and staff who require a quiet and distraction-free work space may request use of EL 2246. This short-term research and writing space is currently a pilot project open exclusively to faculty and staff whose work is based outside the Riddell Library and Learning Centre.  

  • This office may be booked by MRU faculty and staff for 8-hour blocks with a maximum booking length of 5 consecutive days
  • Additional bookings may be initiated after these 5 days if the room is not booked
  • Maximum consecutive days the room can be booked is 10
  • The space must be booked three weeks in advance
  • All booking requests are mediated with a guaranteed review/confirmation time of one business day. Bookings will be confirmed via email

Pick up the keys: Sign out a key from the Library Service Desk. Staff and faculty using the space are responsible for locking the space upon exit and keeping the keys for the duration of their booking. Keys must be returned to the desk when the booking concludes.  

Workspace for research assistants

Students working at Data Hub workstations

MRU Library offers co-working spaces for Research Assistants during the spring/summer months. Researchers have access to a devoted work space, a sense of community where they can connect, along with amenities accessible within the Library.

Researchers can book one of three Data Hub workstations available on the second floor, and also make use of other resources to help them succeed.


  • Lunch/ meeting room and private storage steps away from work area (sign out a lock at the Service Desk on the main floor)
  • Easy access to Library collections
  • On-site research support at the Service Desk
  • Data analysis software available on reserved desktops
  • Diverse seating with whiteboards throughout the building
  • Data visualization facilities with in-room experts and tech support
  • Copy and print rooms on all four levels
  • Wi-Fi
  • Barrow coffee shop with microwaves
  • Laptops available for loan at the Service Desk and additional desktops (including sit/stand) on the 2nd floor
  • Interlibrary loan request support
  • Microfilm/microfiche readers and scanners adjacent to microform collections
  • Proximity to the Archives on the 4th floor


Download a handout to post in your department office or share with new hires and current Research Assistants

Workspace for research assistants handout

Family Room

The family room on the 2nd floor (EL2416) provides a comfortable and private space to tend to the special needs of our youngest library patrons.Family Room

This room is intended to provide a comfortable and private bookable space for parents to pump, feed or nurse in private. It is also an ideal meeting space for collaborators that need a place to study and work on group projects while caring for small children. The family room is not a general group meeting room; users who do not use the space for the intended purpose may be asked to leave or prevented from booking in future.

A key card to access this space can be picked up from the Service Desk on the main floor at the reserved booking time. Please return the key card to Service Desk at the end of your booked time to avoid late fees.

For a parent-child friendly space with additional amenities like a play area, microwave, fridge, etc, consider the Parent Room (F122) under Campus Equity and Meaningful Inclusion.

Policies & Guidelines

MRU Library Spaces in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre

The MRU Library spaces are designed to provide educational programming to all students, faculty, staff and community partners. This programming will support the teaching, learning, and scholarship activities of our stakeholders.

The Library is primarily a study and learning environment. With this in mind, the potential impact on access to Library spaces will be considered with each request.

To book programming in the Library, please contact Outreach Lead, Courtney Montgomery

Looking to book event space at Mount Royal University?

MRU’s Event and Theatre Services provides customizable spaces that can be reserved for events, conferences, training sessions, or performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate weekly recurring bookings? 
No, we generally cannot accommodate standing weekly bookings. Requests for recurring bookings will be evaluated according to availability, purpose and frequency.

How far out should I book my programming? 
We require a minimum of three weeks' notice to arrange technical support, catering, and customized furniture setups.

How long does it take to acquire licensing for audio-visual work and how do I do it? 
If you are planning on screening an audio-visual work, please note that it could take 6-8 weeks to obtain public performance rights, which are typically subject to licensing fees. We are happy to assist you in this process.  

For more information about licensing and copyright, please contact the Copyright Advisor