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Forms and Templates

Forms and templates

Showing a film on campus

UPDATE: If you are a student group or club, you can show films from the library's Audio Cine Films database for on campus club events. Filling out the Copyright Clearance Request Form (below) is not required for this purpose.

Terms of use:

  • No outdoor viewings
  • Event must be free of charge (no entrance fees)
  • Advertised only on campus
  • Pre-releases are not included

Although there is an exception in the Copyright Act that permits showing a film at a university for educational purposes, this exception does not extend to the screening of films for non-educational, non-classroom university events such as social events put on by students or other groups.

In order to show a film for a non-educational university event, copyright clearance for showing the film must first be acquired.

To request copyright clearance for a film showing on campus, please fill out this form.

Copyright Clearance Request Form

After the Copyright Advisor has responded to your request, follow the steps in the "How to Acquire a License" section to acquire a license if needed.


How to acquire a license 

Here are the steps for acquiring a license to show a film on campus.

NOTE: For documentary films, first check whether the documentary has its own website. Many documentary films have their own website where you can purchase a license or request permission to show the film. If there is no website for the documentary, or for its producer(s)/copyright holder(s), then proceed to the numbered steps below.

  1. Identify the agency that has the right to provide the license to show the film. In Canada, the two agencies which can provide licenses for showing most films are Audio Cine Films and Criterion Pictures.
  2. Search for the film you would like to show through Audio Cine Films or Criterion Pictures
    • NOTE: If you do not find the film on the Audio Cine and Criterion websites, then there should be someone to contact at the film production company to request written permission or a license to show the film. For assistance, please contact the Copyright Advisor (
  3. To acquire an estimated cost for showing a film through Criterion Pictures:
    • Criterion quote request form 
    • Fill in as much information as you can about the showing and submit the form using the green “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. Criterion will get back to you with a price for the showing.
  4. To acquire an estimated cost for showing a film through Audio Cine Films:
    • Audio Cine quote request form 
    • You will be asked whether you would like to fill out a PDF quote request form or an online request form. (Filling out the online form is a faster process and easier to submit).
    • Fill in as much information as you can about the showing and submit the form using the grey “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. Audio Cine will get back to you with a price for the showing.


Additional tips 

  • Start early! Allow for ample time for the agency/production company to get back to you, time to follow up with them if need be and time for the possibility that you may have to contact several people before finding the person who can help (e.g., the right film production representative).
  • Criterion/Audio Cine will likely also be able to send you a copy of the film for the showing, if you need.
  • If contacting the film producer directly, there is certain information that would be useful to provide them with to speed up the process of getting a license. The information includes, but is not limited to:
    • The institution you are from (e.g. Mount Royal University)




This showing a film on campus information is adapted with permission for Mount Royal University from the University of Saskatchewan's Copyright Office's webpage, Showing a Film on Campus (licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 Canada).

Permission letter templates 

Below are links to the most recent permission templates from the Copyright Office. 


These permission letter templates are adapted with permission for Mount Royal University from the forms & templates material prepared by the University of Alberta's Copyright Office.

Copyright activities 

Below are links to copyright activities developed or adapted by the Copyright Advisor in order to lower the barrier to understanding copyright law. The list will continue to grow. 

Legal notice

The advice, information, and opinions on this LibGuide are not intended to constitute nor do they replace legal advice and they do not create an attorney-client relationship. Please consult with a lawyer for legal matters.