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Hailey Siracky

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Hailey Siracky
MI, Univeristy of Toronto
BA (English), University of Alberta

Professional and Scholarly Interests:
Critical Information Literacy
Personal Information Behaviour
Ethnographic Methods
Intersections of information behaviour and contemplative practice

Selected Publications and Presentations:
Hartel, J. & Siracky, H. eds. (2022.) Joy of Information. [Special Issue.] Library Trends. Vol. 70 (4).

Hartel, J., Latham, K.F., Tench, B., Samson, H., Siracky, H., & Chabot, R. (8 June 2021). Finding sanctuary and strength in the LIS classroom. [Panel.] Canadian Association of Information Science. Edmonton, AB., Canada.

Siracky, Hailey. (2013) Spiritual journal keeping: An ethnographic study of content, materials, practice, and structure. Unpublished Master's Thesis, University of Toronto.

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