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Audio Production Rooms | Course Integration

Course Integration

Course Integration

The Audio production rooms offer opportunities for public scholarship, digital literacy and creative endeavors.

Student Projects

Utilize the equipment and software in the audio rooms for academic podcasting, digital storytelling, audio zines and multimedia projects.

Content Creation

Record audio content for presentations, research or creative projects. Music production tools can be used to create original music content.

COVID-19 Online Course and Virtual Options

Podcasts or other audio can be recorded from home using Audacity, a free software, apps for phones or through Skype or Google Hangouts. Virtual assistance in software and troubleshooting is offered by Audiovisual Media Support.



Equipment for audio projects can be reserved through the Library website.

The equipment available for audio production is:

Portable recorder

Portable recorders can be taken anywhere to record professional quality audio. There are a number of options for both beginner and advanced users:


A wide range of microphones are offered to suit a variety of uses:

  • Pencil microphones (Instruments)
  • Vocal microphones
  • Lavalier microphones (Standard and Wireless)
  • Podcast microphones
  • ​Microphones for filmmaking

Multitrack recording

Equipment in the Audio Rooms supports multitrack recording and editing.

  • Scarlett 18i20
  • Mac computer with Audacity, Adobe Audition, and other editing software.
  • Rodecaster (coming soon)
  • ​MIDI controller (coming soon)


Accessories that can be borrowed from the Service Desk include:




General Resources 


If you are looking for advice regarding your audio or audiovisual project, please book a consultation with our Audiovisual Media Support

Selected Readings 

Learn about the impact podcasting and audio production has on education and scholarship. 

Other Audio/Podcast Studios  

Read about how other universities are leveraging podcasts and audio production institutionally.


Collection Resources 

Below are some highlighted resources from the library collections.

Reality radio : telling true stories in sound (Second edition, revised and expanded)

N1991.8.D63 R43 2017

Doing oral history : a practical guide (3rd ed.)

Available online

The serial podcast and storytelling in the digital age 

Available online

Podcasting : the audio media revolution 

Available online

Critical approaches to Welcome to Night Vale : podcasting between weather and the void

Available online

Create to learn : introduction to digital literacy 

Available online