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Audio Production Rooms | Remote Recording

Remote Recording

Recording with Skype or Google Hangouts


Skype is a great tool for recording interviews or discussions remotely. Skype is currently installed in following locations and computers:
Group rooms, Presentation practice rooms, Student loaner laptops, Audio Production Rooms

Ensure you have sufficient privacy for the nature of your recording.

In order to set up a recording:

  1. Set up Skype and follow these instructions to record the conversation, so that you will capture the person you are speaking with.
  2. Borrow a H5 recorder or Rode recorder and a lavalier microphone to record yourself as you Skype. You can also use your phone to record with the lavalier microphone. Visit this page to view information on recording with portable devices.
  3. Borrow headphones if you do not have your own to plug into the computer you are running Skype on. Wearing headphones prevents feedback.
  4. Make sure you save both the audio file recorded through Skype and the H5 recorder.

Google Hangouts

Use your Mount Royal Google account to record meetings in Hangouts. Follow the instructions in this tutorial.
With Hangouts, you can record group discussions.

Recording Telephone Conversations

If you are using a smartphone, record the conversation with an app. 
Tape a Call is an option for iPhone, while Call Recorder can be used with Android.

It is a good idea to also record your voice and the person you are calling's voice. Borrow a Zoom H5 or other portable recorder, or use a computer, to record your end of the phone conversation. Ask the person you are calling to record their voice using whatever means at their disposal. You will then have two separate audio files, one for your voice and one for your interviewee, along with the recording of the call made by an app. 

For more advanced users, it is possible to connect your phone’s headphone jack to a portable recorder using a male to male 3.5 mm cable (not available at the Service Desk) to record the call instead of an app. Plug headphones into the recorder so you can hear the call. For higher quality, you will need to also record your voice on a separate track or device.

Note: It is good practice when recording online conversations or phone calls to ask for consent to record from all participants. Laws applying to recording phone calls vary by geographic location. More information on telephone recording laws.