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Features of the Library

Group rooms

We have 31 group rooms that seat 4-8 people. These rooms will be bookable online and include features such as laptop connectors, whiteboards, and shared monitors, making them ideal for collaboration. We also have two presentation practice rooms.

Grand Opening September 7th

The official Grand Opening event celebrating the launch of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre is September 7th, 2017. Please join us to explore what the Library and our building partners have to offer.


A place for everyone

We have 1,800 seats using a wide variety furniture choices. From individual study pods, group rooms, collaboration spaces, large tables, or treadmill desks, we have a place for you to keep your mind focused and your body active.

Skateboard wall

The elevator lobbies feature large tiled walls made from recycled skateboard decks. Along with their visual appeal and stunning look, the skateboard walls add to the sustainable design of the building. The tiles come from US company Art of the Board.


A healthier way to study

We offer a range of healthy study options throughout the building, including personal study pods, standup desks, and treadmill desks. Perfect for keeping you healthy and energized on your road to learning!


New Look

We have updated the look of our website to complement our beautiful new Riddell Library and Learning Centre. Please use the Website Feedback link at the bottom of any page to let us know what you think.

Library News