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Collection Development

The Library acquires, develops and manages collections on behalf of the university in support of the curricular and research needs of students and employees.

New Additions

The goal of an active collection is to bring in new titles and resources as items become available and also as university research and program needs change. New content is being added to our subscriptions all the time. Below are some notable databases that are continually updated.

New Content in LibrarySearch

New content in LibrarySearch is viewable using the New Records filter after any search. 

New Ebooks (last 3 months)

New Physical Materials (last 3 months) *some items still on order or in processing/cataloguing department

New Streaming Videos (last 3 months)

New Datasets (last 3 months)

New peer-reviewed articles (last week)


Academic Video Online   [streaming video]
A comprehensive, multidisciplinary video subscription. New content highlights. Films available in Academic Video Online include limited public performance rights, which includes permission for classroom showings, as well as public screenings, as long as no admission is being charged.

Audio Cine Films (ACF Streaming)   [streaming video]
Recent and popular films from studios such as Universal Studios Canada, Sony Pictures, MGM Studios, VVS Films, and Lionsgate Films. Updated title list.

Criterion on Demand  [streaming video]
Educationally relevant feature films, includes 1920 classics, new releases, foreign films, literary adaptations, documentaries, animated titles, and independent features. Updated title list.

De Gruyter [ebooks]
University Press eBook collections from Canada and universities from around the world, available on the De Gruyter platform.

JSTOR Collection [ebooks, journals, images, and primary source material]

Includes content across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Academic Search Complete [articles, newspapers and magazines]

Academic journals and other publications across a broad range of subject areas.

Scopus [index and abstract with links to full text across MRU library databases]

A large abstract and citation database of research literature with links to full text resources available from MRU. Records with references go back to 1996, pre-1996 records go back to 1884.


New Books and E-Resources

The Collection Process

Resources are routinely reviewed to determine what material should be cancelled and where there may be a gap to fill with a new resource. Each resource is thoroughly assessed with the help of a 5 step process to determine if it should stay or go or if a new resource should be added.

Analysis of the Resource

Defining the complete scope of the journal or database to determine the subject(s) it covers and size.

Uniqueness of Coverage

A deep dive to understand which areas utilize or could utilize the resource and the need it is meeting (or could meet), as well as investigation into whether a different option fulfils the same role.

Degree of Use

This factor is mainly of consideration for cancellations. If a resource is rarely used, we want to know why and decide if there is no longer a need to continue its subscription.

Value to Students and Faculty

Each subscription must meet the academic needs of MRU scholars. For existing subscriptions, if this is no longer the case, it's time to cut ties.

Function and Features

The process to find important information within a resource should be as smooth as possible. Design, usability, and interface are ranked to determine the level of compatibility with the resource.


Mount Royal University Library accepts donations for the main collection on a limited basis. We welcome donations that align with the University's academic programs and curriculum and contribute to the enhancement of the library's holdings. Librarians have discretion over the use or disposal of these gifts. Items not incorporated into the collection may be discarded or passed on.

The library's capacity to accept donations is limited by space and the expense of processing. Only gifts that satisfy the criteria below can be considered:

  • Recent scholarly publications not yet in the collection that support specific program or curriculum requirements
  • Items that address deficiencies in the current collection

The following are not accepted:

  • Items in poor condition, including those with markings
  • Materials in formats that are no longer current
  • Textbooks
  • Mass-market paperbacks or magazines
  • Incomplete sets or single issues of journals
  • Works already in the library's possession

To donate, please provide a list (refer to the contact details below) including:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Edition
  • ISBN (if applicable)
  • Publication year
  • Condition

To offer a possible gift or donation, contact us at


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