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Collection Reductions

Keep up-to-date on which electronic resources are being cancelled while others remain as the Library works to balance a leaner Collections budget.

Spending across the University has changed, which means the Library has had to take a close look at the cost of subscriptions and physical materials to decide which ones are the most valuable for academics supported across campus. This is the place to review updates and pertinent insight into which resources will be removed from Library Collections in an effort to streamline costs.

The Process

Each e-resource is thoroughly assessed with the help of a 5 step process to determine if it should stay or go.

Analysis of the Resource

Defining the complete scope of the journal or database to determine the subject(s) it covers and size.

Uniqueness of Coverage

A deep dive to understand which areas utilize the e-resource and the need it is meeting, as well as an investigation into whether a different option fulfils the same role.

Degree of Use

If a resource is rarely used, we want to know why and decide if there is no longer a need to continue its subscription.

Value to Students and Faculty

Each subscription must meet the academic needs of MRU scholars. If it doesn’t, it’s time to cut ties.

Function and Features

The process to find important information within a resource should be as smooth as possible. Design, usability, and interface are ranked to determine the level of compatibility with the resource.


Name Final Day of Access Cost of Resources Reasons for Cancellation Alternate Resources
Design and Applied Arts Index September 30, 2020 $4,212
  • Usage for this resource has decreased in recent years

  • This is an index and does not provide full-text content

Encyclopedia Britannica September 30, 2020 $5,677
  • Content is available through other resources and the e-resource is no longer of value to its targeted discipline
GeoRef June 30, 2020 $5,280
  • Provides access to a limited number of full text titles, most of which are available through other Library databases
  • Usage for this resource has decreased in recent years
Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present June 30, 2020 $1,431 
  • A portion of the content can be found through other resources
  • A pattern of low usage 
  • Poor usability, including unintuitive search interface and poor linking
Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) June 30, 2020 $1,697
  • Aggregated content is not unique and isn’t always compatible with LibrarySearch
  • Usage for this resource has decreased significantly in recent years