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Why You Want Background Sources

Don't know much about your topic? Not sure where to start your research?

Specialized academic reference sources (encyclopedias, handbooks, etc.) are an excellent way of quickly finding valuable information about your topic, including important theories, major issues, debates and past studies, key concepts and further references.  The authors of these articles are usually acknowledged experts in their field.


Select Reference Material

Principles of Sociological Inquiry: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods is an open textbook (OER) and is downloadable from the link provided. The text emphasizes the relevance of research methods for the everyday lives of its readers, undergraduate students. Each chapter describes how research methodology is useful for students in the multiple roles they fill: (1) as consumers of popular and public information, (2) as citizens in a society where findings from social research shape laws, policies, and public life, and (3) as current and future employees.

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