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Find Scholarly Books and Journals about Comics Studies

Use MRU’s LibrarySearch (main search box, library homepage).

E.g., women -- wimmen's -- superhero -- criticism -- 1970s etc.

  • Not all characters/comics/themes/issues will have been studied, you may need to improvise. Be prepared to broaden and narrow your search terms as needed.

Use one of the subject-specific journal databases below, focused on literary studies or education

Find Credible, Non-Scholarly Sources

Use MRU Library's discovery tool, limiting to only newspapers and articles

- Good for content from higher quality magazines and news sources, and for film and comic reviews

Look for reputable popular publications freely available online. 

NY Times: Graphic Novel Section: articles and columns from a well respected print/online news source

- The Comics Journal: reviews, stories, interviews, and columns on comics, includes less traditional comic books and themes; published by non-traditional comic and graphic novel publisher, Fantagraphic Books

Google using advanced techniques

- comics morality site:edu

- allintitle:superhero psychology

Evaluating Information Sources

A few things to ask yourself as you evaluate information sources. 

  • Author - Who wrote it? What qualifications does he/she have - academic? journalist? expert within the industry? comic fan? Who sponsors the site? Are they reputable?
  • Audience - Who is the source intended for - academics? other experts? comic fans? general public? 
  • Purpose - What is the source intended to do - educate or inform you? entertain? sell you something (are there lots of advertisements)? persuade you? 
  • Process - What generated the information - opinion? reporting? research?) and how can you tell? What steps has the information gone through - a spell check? editors? academic peer review? Is the information laid out professionally and free of errors?

Background Information

Comic Book Research Journals

Cite Sources

Cite Sources: MRU guides for MLA and APA style

Citing Comics in MLA Style

  • See graphic novel examples A7 and A8 on page 10 of the MLA handout above.
  • See Academy of Art University's advice on graphic novels and comic strips.
  • See MLA's advice for citing specific panels in a comic.

Citing Comics in APA Style

  • The APA manual does not give specific guidelines for comics or graphic novels
  • See the APA Style Blog for this helpful advice (look for the Watchmen example)
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