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ENGL 0130 Library Session

Today’s Library Session with Cari (

  • Quick introductions

  • Evaluating sources (small group exercise)

  • Finding scholarly sources

    • Using LibrarySearch

    • Using English Specific Databases like MLA Bibliography

  • Annotated bibliography and MLA style resources

  • Questions

Group Exercise

For today's exercise, we will be answering questions about scholarly articles and books in a tool called Padlet.

Group 1 (Students Whose Birthday is between January and June) 

Scholarly Articles

Briefly review the following examples of scholarly articles (Article 1, Article 2). Answer the questions provided in the following padlet by clicking on the plus sign underneath each question. 


Group 2 (Students Whose Birthday is between July and December)

Scholarly Books

Briefly review the following examples of scholarly books(Book 1, Book 2). Answer the questions provided in the following padlet by clicking on the plus sign underneath each question. 



scholarly publication contains articles written by experts in a particular field. The primary audience of these articles is other experts. ... Many of these publications are also referred to as "peer-reviewed", academic or "refereed". They all mean essentially the same thing and refer to the editorial and publication process in which scholars in the same field review the research and findings before the article is published.


  Scholarly / Peer-Reviewed Popular/Not Scholarly
Author Expert Journalist / Professional Writer
Review Reviewed by an editorial board or other experts ("peers") Reviewed by an editor
Audience /
Scholars and students / Academic
Technical language
General public
Easy to understand

Original Research
Cites existing research as background

News and practical information
Uses a variety of sources for background 
Sources Always cited Sometimes cited
Examples Peer-reviewed articles
Scholarly books

Magazine articles
Newspaper articles
Blog articles
Social media

LibrarySearch (search box on the Library homepage)

Strengths: Good for finding books and scholarly articles

Potential challenges: LibrarySearch contains not just books, but videos, magazines, and more. Be sure to use the limits to make your search manageable.

Useful limits:

  • Available online - if you only want to see resources you can access electronically
  • Peer reviewed - for articles that have been reviewed by other experts - this limit doesn't work perfectly, so be careful
  • Resource type - books, book chapters, and articles might be helpful
  • Subject - if you are not seeing resources focusing on a literary perspective, you can use this to limit to certain topics
Using LibrarySearch

The following video walks you through using LibrarySearch. To see a larger version of the video, click on the arrow in the top right corner.

Overview of Search Tips for LibrarySearch and MLA Bibliography

Use quotation marks "" to search for a particular phrase  e.g. "Indian Horse"

An asterisk (*) means I don't care how it ends  e.g. canad*

Use the Peer Reviewed limit (Warning: This limit is not perfect, so it is still your responsibility to ensure that the article you have chosen is appropriate for your assignment)

The advanced search option in these tools gives you a more user friendly way to build your search

AND between search words means you want them all to be included.

OR between search words means that either term will work.


Annotated Bibliography

  • Consists of two parts: Citation + Annotation
    • Your citation will follow MLA style for a Works Cited List
    • Your annotation will consist of three to five sentences after the citation.

Your Annotation Should Cover

  • The relevance of the source to your essay (What points or insights were found in this source?)
  • Scholarly merit of the sources
    • Was the source written by a professor specializing in a subject related to your analysis?
    • Was it published in a peer reviewed journal?

Additional Resources

Link to MLA Class Exercise
MLA Citation Resources
Additional Assistance with Citation
  • You can make an appointment with Writing and Learning Services to get detailed help with the citations for your assignments.
  • You can ask citation related questions via the Library's Chat service or book an appointment with Cari


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