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Preparing for your Calgary Field Trip

You will need to conduct some research on your park in order to complete your report. The following search tips should help, but if you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to email me at or schedule an appointment using the link under the photo on the left.

Locating City Documents on Parks and Park Planning

A key source of information for this project will be documents produced by the City of Calgary and contracted consulting firms about Nose Hill and Dale Hodges Park.

The best way to locate this information is to conduct a targeted Google search of the City of Calgary website

Example: "nose hill park" design

Imagae of google search with the following in the search box "nose hill park" management

This search will only find documents hosted on the City's website. Quotation marks indicate you want "nose hill park" to be searched as an exact phrase

To find documents where a particular search word/phrase is in the title, add allinttile: to your search

Example: allintitle:"nose hill"

Additional Tip - You may find city documents relating to other parks like Fish Creek helpful.


Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles are another important source of information for your report. While there are very few scholarly articles that specifically talk about Nose Hill or Dale Hodges Parks, articles that discuss similar projects and larger issues around urban park design, conservation issues, and management can provide important context and highlight trends and best practices.

With their focus on scientific research, Environment Complete and Scopus are useful tools for finding scholarly articles in this area.

Tips for Using Environment Complete and Scopus

  • Use limits like Peer Reviewed (Environment Complete) OR Articles (Scopus) to focus on scholarly journal articles
  • Use an asterisk * to search for different word endings - for example, ecolog* would find ecology, ecological
    • Don't use an asterisk with park* unless you want results discussing parking. In cases like this, you are better off searching for park OR parks
  • Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase
  • Broaden your results by including synonyms in your search
    • Environment Complete - Use the advanced search. Use OR between synonyms. Using the drop down menu, you can indicate a particular field where the search words should appear - for example, titleImage of advanced search box in Environment complete. First row of search is urban OR city OR cities OR metropolitan. Next row down is "park planning" OR "park design"
    • Scopus - You can add additional lines to your search. Separate synonyms with ORImage of search box in Scopus. First row of search is city OR cities OR urban OR metropolitan. Next row of search is park OR parks OR greenspace*. Next row is reclamation OR reclaimed OR brownspace*. Next row is recreation

Using LibrarySearch to Search for Articles, Books, and Dissertations

LibrarySearch is another useful tool that searches across subject areas and includes not just articles, but books, dissertations, trade journals and more. Use limits like Resource Type and Creation Date to make the results list more manageable.

Image of LibrarySearch box. Search terms are urban park reclamation


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