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Search Engine Showdown

The Search Engine Showdown requires you to examine, compare, and comment on a search engine that isn't Google. Here are your instructions.

  • You and your partner will be assigned a pair of search engines from the list below. 
  • Take a couple of minutes to look at both.
  • Pick just one search engine from your set. 
  • Take 15 minutes to explore the features of your chosen search engine in detail.
  • On the appropriate discussion thread in D2L, provide a short summary/analysis of the engine you selected, including a comment on what makes it different from regular Google.
  •  Some prompts and things to think about:
    • what engine you selected
    • why you picked this engine 
    • what kinds of user information need(s) it helps meet
    • what your engine assumes about the user
    • what you liked about it vs. what you didn't like about it
    • what specific features were particularly useful, or easy to use
    • what specific features were less helpful, or frustrating to use
    • anything else relevant that comes to mind
  • Finally, using your notes and experience, you and your partner have to to pitch your chosen search engine to the class.

Wrap up: Everyone will have a chance to consider which search engine they are most likely to try themselves.

Sample Searches and Useful Databases

Using Library Search, here are some example searches to help you find resources that might be of interest:

Some useful databases:

Other Resources


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