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Podcast Analysis

This guide will help you with your research for the podcast analysis assignment. 


Article Databases

Start your search for academic articles in these databases:

NOTE: Not all databases will provide the full text of the articles they list. Look for a link or blue button that says "Find Full Text" to link to another source for the article.

Use LibrarySearch to find more articles, as well as books and videos. Select the "peer reviewed" filter on the right to limit your search to articles only.

Sign in to LibrarySearch to get better results.

Database Searching

Remember to consider your keywords carefully!

Search key terms only (no sentences or extraneous words in the search box!)

Use a keyword for each concept in your topic.

Example Searches:

feminis* AND storytell* AND (digital OR media OR audio) AND podcast*

queer AND theor* AND (digital OR media) AND podcast*

structur* AND story* AND (critical OR critique) AND podcast* AND serial


Search Tips:

The asterisk ( * ) tells the database to search the root of the word and all variant endings. For example, podcast* will find podcasting, podcasts, and podcasters. Storytell* will find storytelling and storytellers.

Brackets group synonyms and similar terms so your search retrieves any of them. This is handy when you are not sure which term to use, or when both terms are relevant. Be sure to add OR between your terms.

Not all databases require the AND in between search terms. Try your search with and without AND to make sure you're getting good results.

Books (online and print)

These are some titles to get you started. Use LibrarySearch to find more books on your topic.
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