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Solutions Journalism

This page provides links to organizations, people and groups who are working to address social and environmental issues in various communities. Use these links to find researchers, practitioners, experts, advocates, activists, etc. through their company, organization, or association. 

These links are examples of the types of resources you can use as jumping off points to find sources for your projects. 

Find Sources

Search for company annual reports, social responsibility and environmental reports, press releases, shareholder newsletters, etc.

The Parliament of Canada website contains useful information on parliamentary business, members, current and past debates, bills, speeches, committee reports, and more. The same type of information relevant to the provincial and municipal levels can be found on the websites of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and the City of Calgary.

The transcripts of debates among MPs, MLAs, Senators and Councillors provide rich information on issues being addressed by government and members' arguments on all sides of those issues.

SoJo Examples and Ideas

Additional sources of information on people doing good things:

  • University webpages
  • University alumni magazines (e.g. Summit)
  • non-profit and service organizations: annual reports, issues backgrounders, media releases, social media
  • advocacy and activist groups: annual reports, issues backgrounders, media releases, social media
  • Social media platforms (remember you can use Google to do advanced searching on many of these platforms).

Media Scanning & Background Research

These databases provide access to research and reporting to help understand the background and context of your issue.