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Audio Production Rooms | Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition


Adobe Audition is an excellent option for both multi track recording and editing. 

  • Operates on Mac and Windows computers.
  • Audition is a non-destructive editor - edits and effects are not applied permanently to imported audio files.
  • Audition is suitable for multi track editing and recording. There is also a waveform editor for editing individual files.
  • Offers advanced professional-level features.
  • Handles a wide variety of projects well - from podcasting to music production.


Get Started

Adobe tutorials tutorials (access Lynda using a Calgary Public Library membership*)
*If you don't have a CPL membership because you do not reside in Calgary, check your local library!



In addition to the Audio Rooms, Audition is available on 2nd floor Library computers. It is also available on the Laptop Cart (Set of 30).
If you are a current student and require remote Audition access due to Covid-19 restrictions, please contact Audiovisual Media Support.