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Maker Studio | Cameo 3 Silhouette Cutting Machine


The Cameo Silhouette Cutter is an electronic cutting machine which uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and other material up to 12” wide and 24” long.


  • Materials: Vinyl, paper, wood veneer, cardstock and fabric.
  • Software: Silhouette Studio
  • File types: DXF and other graphic drawing exchange file types.
  • Machine details: 12” × 24” and longer.
  • Production time: dependent on the project scale 1- 30 minutes.


  1. Create or upload your design in Silhouette Studio software.
  2. Make sure your page set up matches the Cameo cutting mat dimensions: 12” × 12”. You can scale your design to any size within the cutting mat dimensions.
  3. When it is time to cut your design, click Send at the top right. Choose what material you are cutting from the drop down menu, select cut method (cut or cut edge).
  4. Plug in the Silhouette Cameo machine to your computer and turn it on.
  5. Apply your material on the sticky side of the cutting mat. Align the cutting mat with the blue line on the left. Push the mat forward so it is flush with the metal roller and press Load on the Cameo touch screen.
  6. Press Send in Silhouette Studio when you are ready to cut your design.
  7. When your job is finished, press Unload on the touch screen of the Cameo.