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Maker Studio | Carvey


Carvey is an easy-to-use, desktop 3D carving machine (router) that allows you to make quality objects out of a variety of materials including wood,
metal and plastic.


  • Materials: Wood, plastic, acrylic and some soft metals.
  • Software: Easel online:
  • File types: SVG, DXF or g code
  • Machine details: Maximum area of 11.6” × 8” × 2.50”. Material height + depth of cutcan’t exceed 2.50 ".
  • Production time: dependent on the project scale, 1-40 minutes.


  1. Make an account with Inventables to access the Easel Software
  2. Have your design prepared in one of these ways:
    • Create your design in the Easel Software
    • Have your design exported into an SVG file
    • Create your own G code
  3. Upload the file to Easel and follow the prompts in the software.