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360° Cameras


This guide will provide you with information about and tips for using four 360° Camera models; the Insta 360 Nano, the Ricoh Theta V, the GoPro Fusion and the Insta 360 Pro. All four models can be borrowed from the VR Lab. Equipment can be booked online.  

The information provided in the Storage, Software and Specifications sections is meant to help you choose the best camera for your needs. 


Insta 360 Nano Ricoh Theta V GoPro Fusion Insta 360 Pro
The Nano is a small 360° camera that can be used to make your iPhone a 360° camera or on its own. The companion app allows for effortless capturing of 360° video calling and editing.
  • 3k photos and videos
  • Lightweight and small
  • One-touch sharing
  • Hour of battery
The Theta V is a 360° camera that allows users to do one-click recording and photography; automatically stitching and processing the image on the go in various shooting modes.
  • 4K30 360° Video
  • ~5k HDR Photos
  • Internal storage
  • One-click recording
  • Companion app 
  • 4k live streaming
The Fusion is GoPro’s 360° camera capable of capturing immersive photos and videos up to 5.2k. GoPro’s OverCapture software lets you reframe the shot after it has been taken and share it in HD.
  • 5.2K30 or 3k60 360° Video
  • 5.2k Photo
  • Waterproof to 5m
  • Shock resistant 
  • Stabilization and Overcapture
  • 75-minute battery life
  • Reframe your content from standard viewing 
The Insta 360 Pro is a prosumer level 360° camera that captures and streams high-quality content. Its 1kg aluminum chassis holds the six lenses in tripod mountable casing. 
8k30 360° Video
6k30 360° 3D Video
360° sound
SD card or USB SSD storage
Realtime photo and video stitching
Power adapter and ethernet port 



Insta 360 Nano Ricoh Theta V GoPro Fusion Insta 360 Pro
  • Smart device storage OR micro SD up to 64 GBs
  • 60 minutes of recording
  • 19 GBs of internal storage
  • 40 minutes of recording
  • Two micro SD cards up to 256 GBs; no smaller than 32 GBs
  • 60 minutes of recording
  • V30 SD card, no max size OR USB 3.0 SSD
  • 50 minutes on battery
  • Several hours on power adapter at room temperature



Insta 360 Nano Ricoh Theta V GoPro Fusion Insta 360 Pro
Insta360 Nano iOS App
  • The Insta360 Nano features a companion app Insta360 Nano S that is available on iOS allowing users to control the camera from their phone.
Insta360 Editing Software
  • Insta360 Studio 2020 is a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that allows you to open and edit insp/insv files.
Ricoh Theta Basic App
  • The basic app is available for iOS and Android that allows users to control the camera from their phones.
  • The Theta+ app is available for iOS and Android that allows for more editing options on your smart device.
Basic App for PC
  • The app on PC allows users to convert, view and share 360 images and videos.
GoPro App
  • The app is available on iOS and Android allowing users to control the camera from their phone.
Fusion Studio 
  • Fusion studio allows users to stitch, edit and adjust 360 footage.
Insta360 Pro App
  • The Insta360 Pro app is available on iOS, Android and PC allowing users to control the camera from their device.
Insta360 Stitcher
  • Insta360 Stitcher quickly stitches footage from the camera, a Premiere Pro plugin is also available.


Usage Tips

1. Keep the camera 2ft away from objects

  • Objects too close will become heavily distorted.
  • Seams will be more visible on close objects.

2. Hold the camera above you

  • If you hold it regularly you will obstruct the view.

3. Keep the camera stationary when possible 

  • Use a tripod to keep it stabilized, the smaller the tripod the less you will see.
  • Don’t rotate the camera to keep the subject in view, the subject won’t be lost.

4. Be aware of the location of lens and seams

  • Face the camera directly towards the subject.
  • Seam might show up in content, plan accordingly.

Uploading to Youtube

Below are links to articles to assist in exporting and uploading to youtube for each camera model. 

Insta 360 Nano

Ricoh Theta V

GoPro Fusion 

Insta 360 Pro

Future Products

Keep an eye out for these upcoming 360° products.

360 Camera Glasses

6DOF 360 Camera


  Insta 360 Nano Ricoh Theta V GoPro Fusion Insta 360 Pro
Number of Lenses 2 x f/2.2 2 x f/2.0 2 x f/2.0 6 x f2.4
Max Video Resolution 3840*1920 @ 30fps 3840*1920 @ 30fps
3840*1920 @ 30fps 7680x3840 @ 30 fps
Photo Resolution 20 Megapixel 15 Megapixels 18 Megapixels 60 Megapixels
Stitching  Real-time Real-time Completed in PC application Real-time or post-processing
360 Live Stream Yes - 4k Yes - 4k No Yes - 4k
Waterproof No 30 ft with additional case Yes, up to 16 feet No
Shock Resistance No No Yes No
Stabilization iPhone gyroscope stabilized Horizon Correction Yes - 6 Axis Image
Yes - 6 Axis Image
Memory MicroSD up to 128 GB Internal Only - 19GB 2x MicroSD up to 256 GB V30 SD card OR USB 3.0 SSD
Battery Approx 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
Approx 60 Minutes 75 Minutes
Recording + additional power supply
Compatibility  iPhone/ Standalone Android/iOS/ Standalone Android/iOS/ Standalone Android/iOS/ Standalone
Other Features FreeCapture, 360 Video Chat, One-Touch Sharing Spatial Audio, Auto
HDR Photo Mode
Floating Camera
mode, Spherical
6k 3D photo and video, Spherical
Price $200 $450.00 $800.00 N/A