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Maker & Media Commons

Software & Robotics

Adobe Creative Cloud, Coding & Electronics

Tools & Technology

Adafruit (sewable electronics)
The adafruit neopixel is an integrated microprocessor that allows for the creation of sewable circuits. These use a special conductive thread and sewable LEDs to build circuits into fabrics.

Littlebits are a plug and play learning electronic assembly tool that allow builders to quickly create a circuit without having to solder or worry about directions of electrical flow.  

Soldering Station
The Maker Studio’s soldering station includes “helping hands” to hold electronics, a fan to get rid of toxic smoke, as well as a soldering iron, cleaner and holder. The soldering iron heats up quickly to melt your solder at the exact temperature required.


Maker Studio

Maker Studio (EL1245)

The Library’s Maker Studio provides access to space, technologies, tools and supports to enable users to engage in collaborative hands-on tactile learning, creation and design of physical and digital projects for teaching, learning, scholarship and personal interest.