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Maker & Media Commons

Wearables & Textiles

Sewing Machines, Embroidery & Sergers

Tools & Technology

Industrial Sewing Machine
The Juki Industrial Sewing machine can be used to stitch heavy-duty fabric and other materials together with strong thread.

Digital Embroidery Machine
Digital machine embroidery is an embroidery process used to create patterns on textiles.

Bernina Serger Machine
This sewing machine is designed to produce an overlock stitch and cut fabric as it stitches, which can help create a finished edge on fabrics.

Blanket Making

BCIS student Dale Swampy used the Maker Studio’s industrial sewing machine to create star blankets with deep-rooted history. After learning how to make his own blankets and selling them to friends and family, Dale connected with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s LaunchPad program, started his own business and used the Maker Studio’s sewing tools to support his work.


Maker Studio

Maker Studio (EL1245)

The Library’s Maker Studio provides access to space, technologies, tools and supports to enable users to engage in collaborative hands-on tactile learning, creation and design of physical and digital projects for teaching, learning, scholarship and personal interest.