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For your essay...

What is your topic?

   Example: spanking should not be used as a method to discipline children


Create your search strategy

   List useful keywords for each major idea or concept.   Think of different spellings and synonyms.

   Develop a search strategy that combines the keywords:


         child* spank*
         child*  spank* (debat* OR argu*)
         "corporal punishment"  child*

  • * means I don't care how the word ends
  • Use OR and ( ) to group terms related to the same concept
  • Use "  "  to say "keep these words together"


Search for articles

Use the search box below


LibrarySearch tips

  • Filter search to Available Online
  • Filter search to Resource Type, then Articles


Once you find an article, you may:

  • Print it
  • E-mail it to yourself
  • Save it to your H drive/USB device

For your debate...

You can use Internet sources for your debate but you should evaluate what you find.

Ask yourself the following questions about the web page:

  • Who is responsible for the information? A person? An organization? A government agency?
    • Check the address: 
      • - Canadian government site
      • .gov - U.S. government site
      • .org - indicates an organization
      • .edu - educational institution in the United states
      • or - educational institutions in Canada
      • .com or .net - a commercial enterprise
  • When was it written or posted? Is the information up to date?
  • Why is it there? To inform? To advertise? To persuade?
  • How is the page designed? Are there advertisements? Pop-ups? Dead links?


Evaluate these web pages



Google search tips:

You can search Google more efficiently

  • quotations around phrases keep words together in your search - "childhood obesity"
  • allintitle: limits your search to the titles of pages
  • site: limits to particular kinds of sites - e.g. site:edu
  • Put it all together
    allintitle: "childhood obesity"


REMEMBER:  You can use Internet sources for your debate but NOT for your essay.

Library Quiz

Which of the following search strategies works best for finding articles?
processed food: 0 votes (0%)
process* food*: 0 votes (0%)
process* food* (debat* OR argu*): 2 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 2
What questions should you ask yourself when evaluating information found on the Internet?
Who wrote this information?: 0 votes (0%)
When was it written?: 0 votes (0%)
What is the purpose of this website?: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above: 2 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 2
Where would you use this search strategy: "domestic violence"
LibrarySearch: 0 votes (0%)
Google: 0 votes (0%)
Both: 2 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 2

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