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Introduction to MRU Library

Library Spaces

  1. EAL collection (2nd floor)
    • easy-readers
    • language support books
  2. Quiet study rooms (2nd floor & 3rd floor)
  3. Group rooms (all floors)
  4. Computer Commons (1st floor)
  5. Printing/ copying room (1st floor)
  6. Service Desk (1st floor)

Getting Started

  1. Logging onto the computer (use your myMRU username & password)
  2. Using the library homepage
    • Library Hours
    • What can I borrow from the library and how long can I borrow it for?
      • Go to Library home page
      • Click Search & Borrow
      • Click Privileges
      • Scroll down to Loans & Fines

​​​​​Your Library Account

  1. Go to the library home page
  3. Look for sign-in - enter your MRU username and password
  4. Click on the upside-down triangle beside your name and click on My Loans
  5. Click on Renew
  6. If you're all finished - Sign Out

Booking A Group Room

  1. Go to the Library home page
  2. Click on Spaces
  3. Click on Group Rooms
  4. Find Category - Group Rooms 1st Floor and change to Show All
  5. Red is booked - Blue is available
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select Submit Times
  7. Enter your myMRU username and password

Finding Films

  1. Option #1
    1. Go to the Library homepage
    2. Search and Borrow
    3. Databases
    4. Click on the All Databases box
    5. Find Streaming Video
      • ACF Streaming
      • Criterion-on-Demand 
      • Kanopy
  2. Option #2
    1. Go to the library home page
    2. Click on LIBRARYSEARCH
    3. Click on Videos
    4. Lock Videos (under the words Active Filters)
    5. Enter your search words

Need Help?  Come to the Service Desk!

Borrowing a book

  1. Bring your book to the counter and try saying, "I'd like to borrow this book please."
  2. .You will be asked for your OneCard and then they will tell you what the due date is.
    1. Due date: the latest day that you can return your book


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