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Lunaris is a cross-platform data search tool provided by the Digital Research Alliance of Canada. Lunaris searches across both research data and government data repositories in Canada, as well as major international repositories.

Research Data Repositories

Research Data Repository Collections

Other Search Strategies

Did you find out about the data through an associated output (e.g. journal article, conference paper)?

  • Go to the website of the publication (not necessarily through a library database - Google the journal title) 
    • Browse through back issues until you find the associated article or paper. Is the dataset listed as supplementary material?
    • Check for a link somewhere on the publication's website about research data. Does the journal have a data publishing policy? Is there a repository of datasets associated with that publication?
  • Search ICPSR's Bibliography of Data-related Literature, a list of publications based on data contained in ICPSR
  • If you know of major repositories in that discipline, quickly search within them for the title of the article.
  • Google (not Google Scholar) the title of the article within quotation marks and add the word data (outside of the quotation marks)

Are the data part of a large, ongoing project?

  • See if the project has an associated website
  • Search re3data for the name of the project. There might be a repository associated with the project

Are you looking for research data on a particular topic?

  • Go to re3data and either browse through the list of repositories by discipline or, if your topic is broad, search for your topic. Keep in mind that re3data is a registry of repositories. When you are searching, you are searching for repositories, not datasets. Once you've identified potentially useful repositories, search within them for data on your topic
  • Talk to your librarian

Google Dataset Search

Google's Dataset Search searches across a wide variety of data repositories and portals, including research data, government data, and data collections for data science. Some datasets may be under restricted access

Research Data Help

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