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DMTI data includes road and rail networks, digital elevation models, parks, water, clutter data and other files.  

ArcGIS Online

There is a wealth of data on ArcGIS Online. Keep in mind:

  • Data provided by Esri is usually of good quality
  • If the data comes from another user, try to find out the source of their data so you can confirm its quality
  • You can't always save the data.

City of Calgary

Some City of Calgary data files are available to the MRU community but are not listed in the open data catalogue. Unfortunately, there is no list of available datasets. If you need assistance to obtain City of Calgary files, contact Brian Jackson. Some examples of available files include:

  • Orthoimages of Calgary and surrounding area
  • Orthoimages of the 2013 flood
  • Digital aerial survey files
  • Calgary water, sewage, and wastewater systems

Statistics Canada

Some Statistics Canada cartographic and digital boundary files are available only upon request. For recent census years, though, most files are available freely. If you can't find the file you need, contact Brian Jackson.

Obtaining Data

If you are unable to locate or download any spatial data products, please contact:

Brian Jackson

Postal Code Conversion File

The Postal Code Conversion File is an indispensable tool for mapping social and business data. It links every postal code in Canada to corresponding census geographies. Other conversion files are available to link postal codes, census geographies, federal ridings, and health regions.

Use the contact information above to access the file.