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GIS Software

Open Spatial Data

Data from DMTI Spatial includes the CanMapContent Suite, a series of shapefiles depicting human-made and natural features across Canada, as well as the Postal Code Suite, which contains postal codes, address points, and various boundaries. Available upon request by members of the MRU community.

Aerial and Satellite Imagery

National Topographic System and Alberta Township System

The National Topographic System (NTS) and Alberta Township System (ATS) are grid or land parcel systems commonly used to classify GIS data by geographic location. The NTS is primarily used for national data, while ATS is an Alberta provincial system. Knowing the NTS or ATS identification of your area of interest can simplify your search process. Use the following tools to help identify NTS and ATS numbers.

Obtaining Data

If you are unable to locate or download any spatial data products, please contact:

Brian Jackson

Postal Code Conversion File

The Postal Code Conversion File is an indispensable tool for mapping social and business data. It links every postal code in Canada to corresponding census geographies. Other conversion files are available to link postal codes, census geographies, federal ridings, and health regions.

Use the contact information above to access the file.